Stone in kidney.

A few words about kidney stones. Stone in kidney.

With stones in the kidneys I recommend the root of the madder dye (it can be bought at the pharmacy). Marena dyeing well destroys stones.
A teaspoon of powdered root pour a glass of steep boiling water, insist about 40 minutes, strain.
You will get a serving of this for a day.

Leaf cranberries, absorbing cysts in the kidneys, in addition, helps to remove from the kidney stones. A tablespoon of cranberry leaves in the evening, pour a glass of boiling water in a thermos and leave overnight, in the morning strain.

The resulting infusion should be drunk during the day.

To strengthen immunity, take sea buckthorn oil on a teaspoon 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.
Or in the season, eat 5-6 berries of sea-buckthorn before eating.

Medical treatment.

In chronic pyelonephritis with frequent exacerbations, the following treatment can be used:
Roots lovage — 3 tbsp. Spoons,
Leaves of mother-and-stepmother — 2 tbsp. Spoons,
Leaves bearberry — 3 tbsp. Spoons,
Leaves of the field — 2 tbsp. Spoons,
Black elder blossoms — 3 tbsp. Spoons.

For 1.2 liters of boiling water, take 3 tbsp. Spoons shredded collection of herbs, insist 2 hours in a thermos, drain.
Take in warm form for 30 minutes before meals for 100 ml 5-6 times a day for adults, the course — a month.


Stone in kidney.


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