Strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

Strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

5 rules, how to strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

Topical advice of leading cardiologists.

1. Do not overeat!

For normal operation of the heart you need a full meal. Proteins — they are «bricks» for muscle tissue. Carbohydrates are energy and vitamins with microelements.

If the food falls on the stomach, then the load on the myocardium increases, even purely physiologically.

Cardiologists even have a term — a «heart of hearts». This is when an attack occurs against the background of overeating.

In hot weather, the blood condenses. It is more difficult for the heart to disperse it over the vessels. Because to keep the vessels in a tone, it makes sense to adhere to the old wisdom and get up from the table slightly hungry.

2. Lay on celery and parsley.

* Fresh stalks of celery contain phytochemical compounds — phthalides. They relax the muscle tissue in the walls of the arteries. This avoids vascular spasms and improve blood flow. Studies show that eating 100-150 grams of celery a day allows the body to get the optimal dose of phthalides.

• Fresh parsley juice lowers blood pressure. Only 1 teaspoon per half a cup of water or 30-40 grams of greens per day.

3. Drink the tomato juice.

In tomatoes, there is a lot of active antioxidant — lycopene, as well as fiber and potassium. Numerous studies show that they help the cardiovascular system.

Tomato juice gently reduces arterial and intracranial pressure. It is useful to drink with hypertension and heart failure.

4. Fill the motor with an immune cocktail.

To the heart to work properly, you need to keep blood pressure under control. Those who are prone to increased, it is good to drink a glass of brewed berries in the morning with 15-20 drops of Echinacea tincture. Or, again, the decoction of chicory, with honey and lemon, entered into fashion.

Those with low blood pressure, green tea with ginseng will help raise the tone and increase resistance to infections. Or a decoction of blackberries with ginger and sugar.

5. Refill the reserves of potassium and magnesium.

Our heart is normally reduced by 60-70 times per minute. And so every hour, every day!

Imagine how much he needs the strength to chase blood all over orgagna without interruptions. A lot of things can even upset the cardiac conduction, even pleasant ones.

For example, the joy of meeting with a loved one or from a vacation trip. In order to smooth out the effects on the myocardium of various stimulating factors, we need potassium and magnesium.

These micronutrients support the contractile ability of the heart. They can be obtained from baked potatoes, raisins, and beans. But it will not be superfluous to take them additionally — in the form of special complexes.


Strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

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