Stretch marks.

Stretch marks.

Stretch marks are micro-tears in the skin.
First, scars of red or purple color are formed (outwardly they resemble scratches), which brighten over time, and then completely turn white.

As soon as you notice fresh stretch marks, then immediately begin to take active measures to eliminate them. When the stretch marks turn white, then believe me, you will have very little chance of eliminating them completely.

In most cases, stretch marks occur in girls during pregnancy. The sites of skin lesions are located where the skin is taut as much as possible, the abdomen, hips, buttocks and chest.

Also, striae appear in people who regularly go on diets and their weight constantly jumps.

If you have stretch marks for unforeseen reasons, then be sure to contact an endocrinologist, because striae may indicate that you have some hidden problems in the endocrine system.

Stretch marks are better prevented than cured. If you are pregnant, from the fourth month of pregnancy, rub olive oil daily into the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and breasts.

Nothing moisturizes the skin like olive oil. You can use any other oil, except for sea buckthorn (it dries the skin), sunflower, corn, if for some reason you do not have olive oil.

This method of rubbing in oil will protect you by 90% from stretch marks. You can also perform pinch massage of the abdomen, hips, etc.

On the stomach, start pinching, i.e. grab a thin layer of skin around the navel with two fingers, spiraling in a circle, moving further and further from the navel.

After pinching, the skin should turn pink, brush it with olive oil. Also, while swimming in the bath, you can make such a massage with a bath brush with hard bristles. Make circular movements with it on your hips, abdomen, and buttocks.

Serious precautions include the fact that pregnant women, from an early age, should monitor their weight, as well as prevent body swelling in advance.

After all, if you dramatically gain weight and swell a lot, then your skin will not keep up with you and will begin to stretch, and this process will be difficult to stop.

FOLK REMEDY 1: lavender essential oil 7 drops, tangerine essential oil 5 drops and jojoba essential oil 5 tbsp. spoons, mix well and apply on stretch marks or on the intended place of their appearance in the morning and evening. The combination of these oils has a rejuvenating and lifting effect.

FOLK REMEDY 2: buy a mumiyo in tablets at the pharmacy. Dissolve one tablet in 1 tbsp. moisturizer and apply this cream to areas with stretch marks, preferably after taking a bath.

It must be said right away that all creams are different and the mumiyo will dissolve in them in different ways, maybe in 5 minutes, or maybe in half an hour.

It will also not be superfluous to say that the mummy has, to put it mildly, not a very pleasant smell, warn your loved ones about this, so that they are not too scared.

After all, like a mumiyo, nothing can cope with existing striae. Only this tool is able to relieve you of small stretch marks completely, and large ones — to significantly reduce.

Stretch marks.

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