Striae (stretch marks)

Striae (stretch marks)

— atrophic scars, which manifest themselves in the form of strip-different color change — from red-bluish to almost white.

Prolonged hyperextension of the skin fibers — the main cause of stretch marks. When hyperextension of the skin there are breaks its fibers (elastin and collagen) and the process of replacement of healthy skin with scar tissue.

Typically affected areas of the skin in the thigh, abdomen, chest. Stretch marks can be single or multiple. There are more common in women, but men are not immune to their appearance.

What are the causes of stretch marks? Striae (stretch marks).

Pregnancy and breast-feeding — a happy time in the life of every woman, but without sacrificing the happiness do not get.

A woman experiencing hormonal stress, rounded waist, gaining weight, which is often accompanied by the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen and hips, and during breast-feeding — on the chest.

Rapid weight gain is the most common cause of stretch marks.

Heavy exercise, bodybuilding exercises, the rapid increase in the volume of muscles often cause the appearance of stretch marks in men.

Hormonal changes may contribute to the appearance of stretch marks during adolescence.

Hereditary predisposition — the risk of stretch marks is higher in the children and grandchildren of those who faced this problem than people whose blood relatives have had no such problems.

Medication belonging to the group of glucocorticoids -.. Such as prednisolone, dexamethasone, etc. Their long-term use can lead to specific obesity, accompanied by the appearance of stretch marks.

Some endocrine diseases and obesity are accompanied by the appearance of stretch marks, they can also cause the appearance of hypertrichosis.

Potential causes of stretch marks can be assumed by their location. The vertically arranged stripes often occur after pregnancy and rapid weight gain. Horizontal — tend to occur due to hormonal disorders.

Do striae Dangerous?

By themselves, stretch marks are not dangerous to health and are only a cosmetic defect. But sometimes they can signal about the problem of health — if their appearance is caused by diseases of the endocrine system.

Therefore, the appearance of stretch marks, which have no apparent connection with the stretching of the skin, as well as inexplicably rapid increase in body weight, you need to be surveyed at the endocrinologist.

The color of stretch marks.

The color of stretch marks can be different — from dark purple to almost white. It depends on the age of their appearance. Fresh stretch marks are different shades of red and purple, and with lighter over time.

The ability of connective tissue, which consist of striae, the formation of melanin (primary skin pigment) is reduced, however, as a rule, they are much weaker than the surrounding tan and tan skin makes them more visible.

In some cases, depending on the degree of skin phototype and its transformation into a scar tissue, the ability of cells forming the striae to melanin in response to ultraviolet radiation persists and sunburn can make less noticeable striae.

But even in such cases, the «therapeutic» effect of sunburn on the striae can be no question — only the «temporarily masking»

How to get rid of stretch marks?

The effectiveness of treatment of striae depends on many reasons. The main thing is to quickly start treatment as soon as striae have arisen.

In the early stages of stretch marks may be removed completely. Striae that have arisen for more than 1 year, which has already been fully formed, are less susceptible to treatment.

Remove them completely is nearly impossible, but it really — to make almost imperceptible.
LPG-massage. Its effect is aimed at stimulating the production of collagen and elastin skin cells.

Normalizes blood circulation and improves metabolism in the affected areas of the skin.
Mesotherapy — the introduction of drugs directly into the scar tissue striae allows you to bring the structure to the structure of healthy skin.

Median peeling — line the surface of the skin, accelerate the process of cell division in it.

The use of cosmetic products advertised as drugs for the treatment of stretch marks, unfortunately, ineffective.

They can speed up the process a little «ripening» of scar tissue in the striae, resulting in discoloration, but to reduce their size — can not. It is advisable not to use them for the treatment of stretch marks, and for their prevention.

Can prophylaxis?

As with any disease, the appearance of stretch marks is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, during pregnancy, a period of rapid increase in weight, while building muscle mass, you need to pay special attention to skin care, to maintain its moisture and elasticity.

Sufficient fluid intake — about two liters per day — it is necessary for the normal functioning of skin cells.

Simultaneously, it is recommended to reduce the amount of salt in the diet, since it leads to excess fluid retention in the cells, the appearance of edema, skin-enhancing mechanical strength.

An adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in the diet — another important condition to maintain skin elasticity.

Inclusion of fruit and vegetables in the diet is sometimes not enough, because in most cases it is advisable to take extra vitamins A, E, fish oil, polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamins and nutrients are shown and for external use, as a special means for skin care, which is composed of vitamins A and E, natural oils, hyaluronic acid.

Massage, held in places of the greatest stretching of the skin, works well on its condition, stimulates blood circulation in it. But massage is not always and not for everyone, especially during pregnancy.

Carrying water treatment, preferably in the form of a contrast shower — it tones the blood vessels, giving them elasticity. After it is necessary to use moisturizing creams and oils that help retain moisture in the skin cells.

Following these simple rules will minimize, if not prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. And if they are still there, please contact us as soon as possible — fresh treatment, just appeared striae simpler and more effective than chronic.


Striae (stretch marks)


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