Swabs from an ulcer.

Swabs from an ulcer.

Tampons impregnated with medicinal compounds are designed to combat a cervical ulcer. Installed in the vagina at night, unless otherwise indicated. Treatment lasts until recovery.

1. One of the most effective means for quickly combating wounds on the cervix is ​​the ointment Levomekol. A tampon with a size of 1.5×1.5 cm is impregnated in it. In the morning, when the tampon is removed from the vagina, it is recommended to douch. The course lasts at least two weeks.

2. For ten hours, a swab soaked in propolis ointment, which is sold in pharmacies, is inserted into the vagina.

3. Five drops of tea tree oil are added to a large spoonful of sunflower oil warmed to room temperature. A tampon soaked with the mixture is injected into the vagina for a couple of hours three times.
It should be used carefully, since an allergic reaction is likely to develop.

Swabs from an ulcer.

4. Prepare the following mass: a spoonful of crushed viburnum berries, 1 tsp each. onion gruel and honey, 10 ml of vegetable oil. Spread on a piece of gauze, form a tampon. Hold until morning.

5. Wet the swab in juice squeezed from nettle leaves. Hold up to ten minutes, repeating four sets per day.

6. Mix half a glass of honey, the same amount of aloe juice and 1 tsp. castor oil. For one procedure, only a spoonful of the mixture is required.

7. Pumpkin pulp is crushed using a blender. Used for the preparation of tampons, wrapping in several layers of gauze.

Other folk methods

Treatment of ulcers at home can be performed by a number of alternative methods. Many of them, according to adherents of alternative medicine, help to quickly overcome the unpleasant signs of the disease.

Birch tar

Digestive ulcer is treated with birch bark tar, which is sold in a pharmacy. One drop is dripped onto a piece of sugar and eaten with a little water. The next day, a few drops are dripped onto a piece of sugar.

Treatment is continued for a month, adding a drop of tar every day. From the second month they begin to follow in the reverse order. The course is several months.

If it is necessary to get rid of wounds on the lower extremities, small cuts of a bandage, preferably sterile, are impregnated in tar. Hold the compress for about 1 hour, repeating three times. Do not stop therapy until the disease disappears.


A special herbal bath helps to relieve discomfort in diseases of the stomach and other internal organs, as well as cure ulcers of the cervix uteri. You need to mix a couple of large spoons of licorice root, celandine, lunatic, coltsfoot, dried calendula and calendula.

The mixed ingredients are poured with a liter of water and boiled for fifteen minutes. Poured into a bath with water at a temperature of no more than 37 degrees. Take a bath three times a week in the evenings.


Potassium permanganate is bred in warm water so that it turns bright pink. The legs, on which the appearance of trophic wounds are observed, are lowered into the pelvis or bucket with the solution for half an hour. After the procedure, the skin is not washed or wiped.

The legs are rewound with a sterile bandage and go to bed. The course is ten procedures.
No less effective is a bath from a mixture of dope and nettle (one handful), steamed with five liters of boiling water.

Swabs from an ulcer.

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