Syrups from melanoma.

Syrups from melanoma.

Using homemade syrups is considered a good adjunctive treatment for melanoma. Continuing therapy is recommended for at least three weeks.

1. Thyroid podophyllum — a plant that is rarely seen in everyday life. Nevertheless, a folk remedy based on it is considered one of the most effective in the treatment of skin tumors. Preparation is as follows: a kilogram of washed and dried roots of the plant is ground with a meat grinder and put in an enameled container. Top with a kilogram of granulated sugar. The container is covered with a lid and put under pressure for a couple of months. After straining, start the reception: half a dessert spoon every ten minutes before eating. Gradually, the dose is brought to a full spoon.

2. The roots of kirkazona are washed and ground. Mix with a small spoon of sour cream and 200 ml of fresh honey. Pour three liters of warm water and keep it in a warm place for a week. Filter and drink half a cup before meals.

Syrups from melanoma.

3. Six large tablespoons of black elderberry are poured into the container. Sugar is poured with a similar layer on top. In a cold place, stand until juice is obtained. Take a folk remedy after eating two tablespoons.

4. A few handfuls of fresh viburnum berries are placed in a glass jar. Fall asleep with a similar amount of granulated sugar and leave for a day until the juice is released. Then a spoonful of fresh honey is introduced and mixed. Take with a meal three times a day for a small spoon for diseases of the eye and skin.


Juice therapy enhances immunity, so that the body begins to more effectively fight the disease. The recommended course is a month.
The intake of juices in their pure form can affect the digestive system, especially if the body is not prepared. To avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of diarrhea or constipation, nausea and other things, it is better to start taking with very small doses.

1. Aloe juice helps to strengthen the effect of tinctures on melanoma. It is squeezed out of a fresh plant, which was previously frozen (for a week). Drink juice in a teaspoon three times.

2. For quick treatment per day, it is recommended to drink up to 600 ml of freshly squeezed beet juice.

3. Carrot juice helps in the treatment of melanoma. It should be drunk twice a day in a cup. In this case, the pulp should be in the juice.

4. A powerful antitumor effect has a mixture of carrot juices, cabbage, beets and potatoes. The proportion is 2: 1: 2: 1. Drink the drink on an empty stomach.

5. Extract juice from fresh cranberries. They drink half a cup twice at twenty-four hours. Similarly, use horseradish juice. Juices can be alternated, after a week introducing the juice of mountain ash.

6. To speed up the cure, the juice of the wild bedstraw helps. It is extracted from a fresh plant. Use no more than three large spoons per day.

7. Juice from a fresh woodlice plant is consumed in a teaspoon up to six times in twenty-four hours.

Syrups from melanoma.

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