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How to deal with shortness of breath.

How to deal with shortness of breath.

How to deal with shortness of breath. How to deal with shortness of breath. If severe shortness of breath appears, then breathing exercises are recommended. The benefits of simple exercises will be so strong that I decided to share them. Exhale all the air through the mouth, quickly inhale through the nose, exhale all the […]

Healthy heart.

Heart and diabetes are treated comprehensively. Healthy heart. For the complex treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, medicinal plants should also be used. Healthy heart. As a rule, in these cases apply: motherwort, cemetery, periwinkle, hawthorn, mint, sporich, mistletoe, cudweed. Apply in the form of infusions, broths, tinctures. Also in the form of […]

Tachycardia treatment.

Tachycardia — treatment of folk remedies. Tachycardia treatment. Start the article read here >>>>>> Broth. The root of Valeriana officinalis and marigold flowers (1 st.lojke) to insist in 1.5 cups of boiling water, drink 80-85 ml (one-third cup) 4-5 times a day, 14 days, then make a seven-day break and repeat again. Insist 1st.lozhku hawthorn […]


Tachycardia treatment of folk remedies. Tachycardia-treatment with folk remedies. Comfort the heart of the home. Tachycardia treatment of folk remedies. Tachycardia declares itself by a sudden (even at rest) acceleration of the heart rate over 80 beats per second (instead of 60-70). Deterioration of the General condition, possible attacks of dizziness. Nausea. Discomfort in the […]

Cardiac arrhythmia.

From Spring Fever. Cardiac arrhythmia. Ventricular tachycardia treatment. Postural tachycardia syndrome. In the spring, many people begin all sorts of aggravation and swim different ailments, I know firsthand. Every spring my sister turns into a permanent visitor clinics, and even went to once in the hospital. That she arrhythmias with tachycardia, the terrible headaches, then […]

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