Метка: heart attack



Cardiosclerosis. Cardiosclerosis is a disease where connective scar tissue develops in the heart. This is possible with atherosclerosis, myocarditis, and may also be consequence of myocardial infarction. The clinical picture consists of the following symptoms. 1. Change in contractility hearts. 2. Changes in heart rate and conductivity. 3. Cardiovascular failure. The disease may progress with […]

Natural treatment for hypertension.

Ancient recipe. Natural treatment for hypertension. There is one amazing in its power recipe, came to us from the depths of centuries. The result: the metabolism improves, the body is cleansed of fat and lime deposits, blood vessels become elastic, sclerosis, heart attack, hypertension is eliminated, head noise, dizziness, vision improves, the whole body is […]

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