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Kidney failure treatment

Kidney failure treatment. Stomach treatment. Yarrow is the wizard of health. Many are aware of the medicinal use of plants. But there is among them a real magician of health — a yarrow. I wanted to tell about him. Yarrow is one of the most popular medicinal plants. Kidney failure treatment. This tall herb grows in meadows, […]

Removing kidney stones.

Madder-chistilschitsa. Treatment for kidney stones. Removing kidney stones. Much has been written and said about the removal of kidney stones with the help of folk remedies. Removing kidney stones. Yet this is a problem for the vast number of people, because of the good work of the internal organs of the body depends not only human […]

Expels stones.

Chronic kidney disease. Expels stones. In nature there are plants, expelling sand and kidney stones in any form. Expels stones. Here are the ones I have repeatedly applied in their healing practice: Expels stones. • Melon seeds. A glass of crushed seeds pour 3 liters of boiling water. Insist 8:00. Drink like water without restriction. […]

Kidney disease treatment.

Kidney disease treatment.

Kidney disease treatment. Pumpkin to help the kidneys. Treatment for kidney infection. For a long time I was treated for cystitis, but sometimes repeated attacks. Infection of the bladder gradually spread to the kidneys. There was an inflammation and swelling of the kidney — pyelonephritis. And for a long time, I felt that I just usual […]

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