Метка: Osteoarthritis

Phytotherapy joint disease.

Phytotherapy joint disease

Phytotherapy joint disease. Chemotherapeutic agents worthy substitute plants are used in a variety of dosage forms. Such effective means as wild rosemary marsh sprouts, burdock root, the root of the marsh cinquefoil, root Marin (peony). Anti-inflammatory effect of these simple remedies sometimes like a miracle. Phytotherapy articular pathology is based on the same principles as […]



OSTEOCHONDROSIS: diseases of civilization. OSTEOCHONDROSIS. Osteochondrosis (disease name comes from the Greek word osteon — bone and chondros — cartilage) — the defeat of the intervertebral disc cartilage. It is manifested by various pains, numbness and, if untreated, limited mobility. According to numerous studies, from all this taken together affected 80% of the adult population […]

Rheumatic arthritis.

Treatment of joints.

«Brindisi» gymnastics. Rheumatic arthritis. Treatment of joints. Owners of many modern occupations accounting for almost all working hours to spend in a seated position — at the desk, in front of computer monitor. Girls who work for secretaries 7 years, knows how hard at work this kind are tired neck and back. After a busy day there […]

Cottage cheese cures the body.

Cottage cheese cures the body. Among all dairy products, cottage cheese has a special place. Cottage cheese cures the body. It has been known for a long time. The content of useful substances is completely unique. Cottage cheese surpasses all dairy products in terms of protein content and the degree of digestion. It is because […]

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