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Alternative cancer treatments.

Alternative cancer treatments

Hemlock FOR WOMEN. Alternative cancer treatments. Hemlock is very effective for women, it helps to overcome many diseases. As gynecology use products based on this plant inwardly and outwardly. UTERINE CANCER. At the same ailment is necessary to drink brandy in the normal way three times a day. In addition, you should take special broth. […]

Treatment of cancer.

Treatment of cancer.

Universal collection Michael Zdrenko. Treatment of cancer. Collection M. Zdrenko considered universal for the treatment of cancer. Very good it take for tumors of the urinary system, as it includes two kinds of egg capsules. The collection includes 35 plants: Treatment of cancer. • Filipendulae shestilepestnogo roots — 20 g, • Calamus roots — 20 […]

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