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Hemorrhoid fissure.

Hemorrhoid fissure.

Paraproctitis fast treatment. Hemorrhoid fissure. Paraproctitis is a disease characterized by inflammation and suppuration of the surrounding tissues of the rectum. Occurs as a result of the penetration of bacterial infection from the lumen of the rectum through the anal glands of the bottom of the Morgan Crypts into the deep layers of the pararectal […]

Treatment of varicose veins.

Treatment of varicose veins

Therapeutic exercise for varicose.    Treatment of varicose veins. It is known that with varicose veins is very difficult to fight. Treatment of varicose veins. Without physical therapy is difficult to keep the disease in check. When varicose therapeutic exercises promote the flow of venous blood and lymph flow, normalize the inflow of arterial blood, […]

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