TEST anemia.


TEST anemia.

1. You get tired, badly transfer familiar everyday stress?
2. Notes the sharp deterioration in the performance?
3. Became inattentive, scattered, difficult to concentrate?
4. complain of dizziness and a headache?
5. After climbing the stairs, walking briskly, morning breath and heart beats like mad?
6. Many are nervous, suffer from insomnia?
7. It gets dark in the eyes, in front of them loomed the black dots — the so-called «fly»?
8. Worried numbness in hands and feet, as well as paresthesia — a feeling that their thousands of needles tingling or crawling on them goose bumps?
9. It is easy to pick up a cold?
10. The skin is dry and pale, with a grayish or jaundiced, cheeks and lips — not a drop of blood?
11. The cracked skin at the corners of the mouth, hands and feet?
12. In recent years, the hair dull, began to fall and split?
13. The nails easily broken, covered with transverse and longitudinal dashes?
14. You have abundant and prolonged periods?
15. suffer from peptic ulcer, gastritis, hemorrhoids?

Dali affirmative answer to questions 3-5?

It is possible that you have a hidden iron deficiency. Lean on them rich foods, and feel better and more cheerful.

The answer «yes» to questions 5-10?

You obviously do not have enough iron — hand over a blood test!

The need for it in men — 10 mg per day, women — 15-18 mg in pregnancy — 35-40 mg breastfeeding — 30-33 mg. Increase the base dose by 1.5-2 times, if you are working in conditions of lack of oxygen — in the smoke-filled room, as well as a miner, or with substances, a detrimental effect on blood (benzene, aniline, lead).

More iron must be ingested with significant physical exertion, intensive sports, with a constant, albeit small, bleeding (as is the case of hemorrhoids, polyps, long-healing wounds).

Agreed with 11-15 questions?

You have all the symptoms of anemia. In addition to the analysis of hemoglobin, necessary studies of gastric juice, urine and fecal occult blood test, consultation of the gastroenterologist and a gynecologist. In some diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, when peristalsis increases, the iron does not have time to go through the necessary changes and be absorbed: it «jumps» in transit through the digestive system and excreted from the body undigested.

The same thing happens when taking antacids (which are used to treat heartburn, belching, giperatsidnom gastritis) and reduced gastric acidity.

The less acid in the stomach, the worse the absorbed iron. To improve this process, the doctor will prescribe hydrochloric acid solution or acidic mineral water. In order to better internalize the capricious element also requires the presence of copper and assistance of a number of vitamins: B5, B6, C and folic acid.

Note that the treatment would be long: wasted stocks recovered with difficulty, with different people at different times. No doctor can not do here. He will check the effectiveness of treatment, prescribe repeated examinations and tests.

Be prepared for this and regularly pays a visit to your doctor.

You can read a very useful article on the treatment of anemia.


TEST anemia.

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