The best food for joints.

The best food for joints.

Zalivnoye, jelly, klodets — all these delicious dishes are very useful for the treatment and prevention of joint disease.

They restore cartilage and synovial fluid, which can slow the development of arthritis. Chilly is high in protein and collagen, which is part of the cartilage, bones and ligaments.

Thus, together with it the body receives the building material for connective tissues. With osteoarthritis, cartilage becomes thin, synovial fluid ceases to perform its functions normally, and the joints become deformed. In this case, cholodecake helps restore the musculoskeletal system.

For the treatment and prevention of arthritis, any dishes with gelatin are also suitable.

The diet should include foods that are rich in trace elements and other useful substances.

Cholodets is just one of them, because the meat broth obtained by boiling the bones and cartilage is rich in protein, vitamins A, C and B. It contains aluminum, copper, phosphorus, fluoride, calcium.

Even chondroprotectors, which are now used to treat arthritis, as well as the basis for the jelly, contain substances derived from cartilage, ligaments, tendons.

The great advantage of such a tasty cure is that you can prepare it yourself according to your own taste preferences.

For cold cuts, turkey or chicken, beef or pork meat is used. It should be poured with water and boiled over low heat for several hours until the broth will not stick to your fingers.

This is a clear sign that the base for the chłodnik is ready. The beef broth will be transparent, while the pork broth will be cloudy.

It is necessary to pour the necessary amount of water over the meat at once, and not to add it during cooking.

Usually it takes 4-6 hours to cook the broth. At the end it should be salted, you can add garlic or pepper to spice it up.

Then you need to take the meat out of the broth, shred it, mix it with the strained broth and divide it into portions in separate plates.

After this, the chłodec should be left for several hours in a cool place. For the prevention of osteoarthritis, arthritis, it is recommended to eat this dish at least once a month, and patients with joint disease should definitely include it in their diet.

The best food for joints.

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