The best recipe for weight loss.

Cold cucumber soup. The best recipe for weight loss.

The best recipe for weight loss. Want to learn how to cook a low-calorie and incredibly simple cold cucumber soup for weight loss? Then you turned to the right address. The soup is refreshing. Gives a charge of vivacity. It can become an excellent ally in the fight against excess kilograms.

Summer soup, thanks to cucumbers, greens and natural sour-milk products is incredibly useful. Very interesting dish, prepared according to a simple recipe. It will perfectly suit for hot summer days. Can replace the usual okroshka. All products are based on one serving.

Necessary ingredients.

• 200 grams of fresh cucumbers;
• one glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir;
• 20 grams of green onions;
• four ice cubes;
• salt and any greens — to taste.

How to cook cold cucumber soup.

1. Fresh cucumbers washed. Cut off the tips. Peel off the peel. Two-thirds cut into large cubes. The rest while we put aside.

2. Sliced ​​cucumbers and ice cubes are poisoned into the blender bowl. Fill with natural low-fat yogurt (can be replaced with kefir).

3. The Council. Natural thick yogurt does not necessarily buy in the store. Especially since it is not very cheap. It can be cooked at home. You can use the recipe from our website.

4. Grind everything blender to a homogeneous state. Then we salt to taste.

5. The Council. You can also add any ground pepper, focusing on your taste.

6. A small bunch of green onions are washed. We are discussing. Finely chop with a knife.

7. The rest of the cucumbers cut into small cubes.

8. Pour the kefir-cucumber mixture into the plate. Add the green onions and cucumbers.

9. We mix everything thoroughly. You can serve soup on the table.

10. The dish can be served on the festive table, if you decorate it appropriately. I can offer several options. Thin rings of cucumbers and mint leaves on the surface of the soup.

11. You can sprinkle with red pepper. Decorate with dill sprigs and cucumber slices.

Cold cucumber soup is quite easy for the stomach. At the same time, it can perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger. It has useful substances and elements that can make you beautiful and healthy.


The best recipe for weight loss.

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