The mask of youth.

The mask of youth.

The mask of youth. The theme of youth is endless. When the first wrinkles appear, you immediately want to get rid of them. And at home you can prolong your youth.

There are some good recipes for this to help you look younger. The sooner you start caring for aging skin, the better. Fine wrinkles are easier to influence. Therefore, you can start making anti-aging masks from the age of 30.

The recipe for one of the masks that can rejuvenate your face is in front of you.


• gelatin — 3 tsp.
• milk — 50 gr.
• honey — 3 tsp.
• glycerin — 3 tsp.

1. Gelatin is a natural collagen. Unfortunately, it cannot cause the skin to produce its own collagen, but it can fill in wrinkles, making the skin smoother. It has some lifting and brightening effect. Pour cold milk over gelatin and leave for at least 1 hour. If you want, you can pour in in the evening, refrigerate (don’t forget to cover), and make a mask in the morning.

2. When the gelatin swells well, there will be a thick mass. Melt it in a water bath for about a minute. The main thing is to stir constantly, not letting the milk boil. If the mixture boils, gelatin will lose its «magic» properties. For melting, you can use the microwave. Just heat for 10 seconds first and see if the gelatin dissolves. Stir if necessary and heat some more.

3. Put honey and glycerin into the cooled gelatinous mass.
If you are allergic to honey, replace it with 2 tsp. olive oil (source of vitamin E) + 1 tsp. oat flour (tightens the skin).

4. Stir everything until smooth. This mixture is applied to a clean face with a brush in three layers. Apply the first coat first, wait for it to dry. Then the second and third layers are applied in the same way. By the way, you can apply it not only to the face, but to the arms, neck, décolleté.

5. The mask should be held for 10 minutes, then soaked in warm water, because the gelatin will dry out and form a film. Wash your face and apply your day cream.
This mixture can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days.
For the first week, you can do this mask every day. Then — once a week. Such a course will give a noticeable lifting effect.

The mask of youth.

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