The Right Diet.

The Right Diet.

Nutrition during an exacerbation.

How to eat properly when eroding the stomach?

During an exacerbation of a stomach illness, the patient’s diet should consist of such a menu:

Breakfast: low-fat milk and two eggs boiled soft-boiled.
Lunch: oatmeal soup, chicken souffle for a couple and fruit jelly. Snack: decoction of rose hips and milk cream.
Dinner: low-fat milk and mashed rice porridge.

During the exacerbation a very strict diet is observed, in which one needs to eat a slimy decoction of oatmeal.

The recipe is:

Two tablespoons of flakes are flooded with water in a ratio of 1: 7.
Boil oat flakes are necessary until complete digestion.
The already prepared mixture is filtered through a hair sieve and a little sugar and salt is added.
Next, the broth is brought to a boil, but not boiled.
Before using the broth, it should be slightly cooled.

This simple recipe helps to overcome the aggravation in a minimal amount of time.
All cooked dishes should not contain a lot of salt.
The daily salt norm is 12 g.

The Right Diet.

Nutrition recommendations.

Diet in the erosion of the stomach and duodenal intestine requires the use of food cooked for a couple and without spices.
All food should be slightly chilled, but by no means cold.
Eat about 6 times a day, in small portions.
Do not diet for more than two months. The consistency of the food should be liquid and grated.

Also, the diet excludes from the diet fruits that have rough skin. As for flour products, you can not eat bread from wholemeal flour.

The diet consists in the use of such dishes: vegetable soups with mashed cereal, milk soups and soups-mashed potatoes; dairy. You can even eat curd, but only if it is in the form of a pudding; Cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, beets.

Of these vegetables, mashed potatoes, soufflé and steam puddings are prepared; Dried bread; Sugar, honey, mashed potatoes, fruit puree; Berry and fruit juices, weak tea and milk; Steam fish cutlets or a simple boiled fish.

With erosion of the stomach, you can eat a steam omelet.
The recipe is very simple: you first need to beat two eggs and add 80 ml of milk. Then this mixture is poured into a mold, pre-oiled and cooked on steam. A ready omelet is poured over melted butter.

Basic principles. The Right Diet.

The main nuance of the diet is the observance of a sparing regimen.
This regime provides for the presence of chemical, mechanical and thermal norms when eating food.
It is in such conditions that the activity of gastric juice decreases and the gastric mucosa is not irritated. Chemical shchazhenie is to ensure that the stomach does not fall strong gastric pathogens. Therefore, the diet excludes alcohol, soda, citrus and strong broth.

When mechanical shchazhenii can not eat foods with coarse fiber. In addition, refrain from frying in oil.
With regard to the thermal regime, the optimum temperature of the finished food should be between 15 and 60 ° C.
If the food is cold, then it can stay in the stomach for a long time, since the digestion process will not start immediately. The interval between the last and next meal is four hours.

All patients with erosion should remember that the period of exacerbation of this ailment falls on autumn and spring. On such days it is necessary to reduce the daily norm of food. It is advisable not to use table salt for several days so as not to cause inflammation. Drink the substitutes for pure water and herbal decoctions. Kissel cook exclusively from house fruits and berries, in no case can you use store mixes.

With long-term compliance with the diet, the list of products used can be expanded. The diet includes jelly, biscuits, yoghurt, kefir. From drinks — compotes and juices, diluted with plenty of water.

Menu with erosion of the stomach during remission:

Breakfast: soft-boiled egg, herbal tea and rice porridge.
Lunch: milk soup with oatmeal, steam meatballs and mousse from fresh fruits.
Snack: croutons and low-fat milk.
Dinner: carrots or beets puree, boiled fish slice and light tea.
Doctors advise an hour before sleep to drink a glass of warm, low-fat milk.

Councils for the preparation of dietary dishes.

1. Soups should be prepared only from grated cereals. Flour for cream soups should be slightly dried. Soups can be filled with cream and egg-milk mixture. The recipe is simple, just blend all the ingredients with a blender. To stomach is not irritated, fatty broths, borsch and okroshka should be completely excluded.

2. Before consuming bread, it is better to dry it, the product of yesterday’s baking will do. It is recommended to eat flour products once a week. These include buns, cheesecakes with cottage cheese and pies with apples. Eating with erosion of the stomach excludes fresh and rye bread and pastry from a dough.

3. Before cooking poultry and meat, it is necessary to cleanse it of skin, tendons and fascia. This product should not be bold, otherwise it will serve as a irritant for the stomach. The menu includes the following list: boiled tongue and liver, young lean lamb and veal, turkey meat. In no event should you eat smoked meat, canned food and wiry meat.

4. Fish is preferable to eat in the form of cutlets, after cleaning it from the skin. In the diet should be present only non-fat and not salted fish.

5. Cottage cheese is eaten as ready meals (souffle, baked syrniki, pudding). Hard cheese should not be sharp and salty, eat only in grated form. Sour cream should be consumed in the most minimal quantities.

6. The daily norm of eggs is two pieces, of which a steam omelet is made. Proper nutrition eliminates hard-boiled and fried eggs from the diet.

7. From snacks you can prepare salad from boiled vegetables, liver pate, fish, filled with vegetable broth. Also in small quantities, doctoral and dietary sausages, sturgeon caviar and low-fat ham are allowed. In the diet can not include salty and hot snacks.


The Right Diet.

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