Thyroid nodules.

Dr. hemlock.

Thyroid nodules.

Some herbs adequately compete with many medicines. Many plants help fight deadly diseases. Thyroid nodules. 

Some of these natural healers is hemlock, medicinal properties and contraindications are known herbalists for centuries. 

Thyroid nodules.

Hemlock — a poisonous plant, it should be collected only in rubber gloves. The healing power of herbs maximum observed at the time of flowering, for the preparation of medicinal products using the entire visible part.

In addition to the toxic alkaloids, hemlock contains fatty and essential oils, tannins, ascorbic acid, retinol. The plant contributes to the awakening of the body begin to work actively all the internal organs. Medicinal properties of plants enable efficient use of hemlock as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant. Preparations containing this herb, enhance immunity, help with cramps.

Thyroid nodules.

From what diseases helps:
benign tumors — myoma, endometriosis, breast, ovarian cyst;
It promotes the resorption of polyps in the bladder, the stomach and intestines;
inhibits proliferation of prostate adenoma; menstrual irregularities;
migraine, epilepsy.

Hemlock quickly reduce high blood pressure, effectively cope with constipation, tuberculosis, syphilis, hearing impairment. The main benefit of hemlock — is its therapeutic properties in oncology. The plant has a high anti-tumor activity, useful substances act directly on the tumor, destroying cancer cells, prevent the development of comorbidities.

Thyroid nodules.

From hemlock prepare various therapeutic drugs, each of which must be used for specific diseases.

The most effective use of high-quality liqueurs, which should be prepared from immature seeds of hemlock. But taking such medication should only be under supervision fitoterapevta as the slightest excess dosage will cause severe poisoning. Tools based on the dry grass is not as effective, but also less dangerous.


It helps eliminate prolonged cough, normalizes urination, is a pain reliever. It is recommended to use with anemia, frequent headaches, constipation, heartburn, tinnitus. In breakdown, weakened immunity, exhaustion, this drug is also indispensable.

RECIPE tinctures from fresh raw materials.

Hemlock should be placed immediately into alcohol, so preserve all its beneficial properties. Therefore, in a quart jar should immediately pour 250 ml of alcohol. On so many need 2 cups chopped raw scissors.

After collecting bank must be well closed, thoroughly shake, send for 3 weeks (preferably 40 days) in a cool place.
In an emergency, you can start receiving after three days of infusion. Capacity should be shaken every day, several times, absolutely can not open the lid.
Final dosage must be carefully filtered, put into the refrigerator.

Take the medicine is necessary for the special scheme. Starting treatment with 1 drop every day to increase the dose to 1 drop. Max — 20-30 drops. Then gradually reduce the dosage. The infusion should be consumed once a day, after having stirred in 100 ml of water.

Tincture of dry grass. Thyroid nodules.

In 400 ml of vodka placed 40 g of raw stand in a dark place three weeks after day shake. Strained medicine to take along the same lines as a means of fresh hemlock.

BUTTER. Thyroid nodules.

The tool is used for the treatment of internal tumors, thyroid goiter, fibroids. The drug is well eliminates the pain caused, gout, rheumatism, dermatological problems effectively.

Chopped fresh herb and seed (27 g), pour 270 ml of olive oil. Withstand 21 days, periodically shake. The drug several times to skip through cheesecloth.

The tool used to compress. Life-thin fabric soak ointment fix on problem areas for 30 minutes. The procedure should be performed every day at least twice.


Thyroid nodules.

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