Tincture for the liver.

Chronic liver disease.

Tincture for the liver.

For many years the liver did not give me rest, chronic liver disease. I’ve never tried pills. I got rid of herbs and food additives. Although in recent years they have appeared a lot. Nothing helped me.
It has continued. On the advice of a friend I tried one interesting folk recipe. He became a real panacea for me.

Tincture for the liver.

And this recipe, though unusual, but very simple: you will need raisins and real grape vinegar (that’s just what it will have to look for in stores). Raisins need to fill the bottle loosely and pour vinegar, insist in a dark cool place for a month, then drain.

The medicine itself is raisins, it should be taken at 1-2 st. spoon 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating. By the way, this same tool helps not only with any inflammation of the liver, but also with diseases of the spleen.

Will root burdock.

The root of burdock, also called burdock, has diuretic and diaphoretic effects, improves liver function, is used for salt metabolism disorders.

Burdock can be used both as a monotherapy, and as part of various charges. There are several types of burdock: large, small, felt (cobwebby) — all of them have similar medicinal properties and can be used for diseases of joints.

Pour 1 teaspoon of chopped burdock roots with 500 ml of water, then cook over low heat for 10 minutes and insist until cooled.
The resulting broth — a portion of the medicine for a day, it is better to take it for 30 minutes before meals.


Tincture for the liver.

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