Tinctures and Infusions from cataracts.

Tinctures and Infusions from cataracts.


Alcohol tinctures are considered a good addition to the main treatment for cataracts. Those that are cooked at home are appreciated.

1. Take the potato sprouts, washed well, cut and left to dry. After they take five large spoons of raw materials, pour a couple of glasses of vodka. Two weeks later, they begin taking — 1 tbsp. l daily.

The course lasts three months.
Taking tinctures can cause a sharp deterioration in well-being in people suffering from metabolic disorders.

2. A little fresh valerian root is poured with 100 ml of alcohol 40%. After ten days, filter. Thirty drops of tincture are poured daily onto the bottom of the plate. Vapors are inhaled through the nose for three to five minutes.

3. To 100 ml of red wine, better fortified, add 0.5 l of honey and 700 ml of aloe juice. Defend for half a month. Drink a dessert spoon before eating, repeating three times a day until the funds are fully consumed.

4. Tincture of calendula and calamus roots helps to stop the development of cataracts. Taken handful of dry ingredients pour 500 ml of vodka. After two weeks of settling in a dark place, filter.

Drink three times a day for 1 tsp. before meals, diluting in 40 ml of clean liquid. The course is continued until recovery.

5. Washed fresh burdock roots. Squeeze the juice. To a liter of juice add 150 ml of alcohol. Store in the refrigerator, taking 50 ml once a day. The course is two weeks.

6. 100 grams of herb euphrasia is combined with a liter of vodka. For a three-week period, they insist in a dark place, shaking regularly.

Drink fifteen drops daily for 1.5 months.
A prescription for the treatment of cataracts is contraindicated in cases of decreased stomach acidity and hypotension.


1. Taken in ten grams of chamomile pharmacy, motherwort and a series of mixed and crushed. One art. l collection pour a glass of boiling water. After several hours, filter. Take ¼ cup four times a day. A month is treated.

2. Take a large spoonful of blue cornflower flowers, add twice as much of common dandelion and dioica nettle. Steamed in a glass of boiling water for two hours. Take three times a day for a month.

3. Take a couple of large spoons of calendula flowers, combine with boiling water in an amount of 0.5 l. After an hour, filter. Drink 100 ml twice a day, continuing treatment for at least four weeks.

Tinctures and Infusions from cataracts.

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