Tinctures for asthma.

Tinctures for asthma.

Home-made tinctures are recommended for use up to two months.

1. Tincture of the following components will help improve the condition of bronchial asthma: honey, aloe juice with pulp, black radish juice, potato juice, vodka. All components are taken in equal amounts — 200 milliliters. Mix and put in a dark place for three days. Shake regularly. After exposure, take three times a large spoon, continuing until the end of the balm. With the help of the medicine, it is possible to stop the symptoms for two years.

2. 400 grams of ginger is ground and 500 ml of medical alcohol is poured into a glass container. Two weeks withstand in the sun, periodically shaking the container. Squeeze. Consume 1 tsp. twice a day, washed down with three sips of liquid.

3. Bronchial asthma is treated with Dope. The plant is endowed with an antispasmodic effect. One part of the raw material accounts for five — alcohol. Stand for seven hours. For three tablespoons of water, take two drops. Use up to five times a day.
Datura — the strongest poison! It is better not to carry out independent treatment with it. Otherwise, you can get symptoms of poisoning: heart palpitations, hallucinations, nausea, cramps, short-term loss of vision.

4. Grate five lemons, add two chopped heads of garlic. Pour a liter of water at room temperature and for five days, insist in a dry place, protected from sunlight. Squeeze. Drink a quarter of an hour before eating 1 tbsp. l., repeating three times.

5. With the allergic nature of the disease, one kilogram of peeled garlic is added to a liter of pure water. The jar is tightly tightened and left for three weeks in a dark place. The treatment is as follows: one small spoon of tincture is diluted in a glass of milk and drunk at a time.

6. Twenty grams of crushed propolis is combined with 80 ml of medical alcohol. They insist for a week, occasionally shaking. Filter through cheesecloth. Take half an hour before meals, twenty drops, preferably with milk.

7. The shell of a dozen chicken eggs is peeled from the inner film. Dry and grind to a powder. Pour the juice of ten lemons and put them in a dark place for ten days. Filter with a gauze wipe. Mix with a composition of ten large spoons of granulated sugar and a dozen whipped yolks. 500 milliliters of cognac are poured into the resulting mixture. Mixed. Drink 30 ml three times before meals. Treatment continues until the end of the remedy.

Tinctures for asthma.

8. With bronchial asthma, the green pericarp of walnut helps. 50 grams are taken per 100 ml of medical alcohol. They stand in a dark glass container for six days, periodically shaking. Drink twenty-five drops per quarter cup of water before meals, repeating the treatment four times. If the disease is observed in a child, use a number of drops equal to age.
Very often, the use of tincture turns into an allergic reaction.

9. An ancient folk remedy for the treatment of pathology without drugs. The roots of the saxifrage thigh are mixed with vodka in a proportion of one to five. Eight days are kept in a dark place, squeezed. Use thirty drops per 1 tbsp. l liquids up to five times a day.

10. 250 grams of rye pollen (collected before sunrise, as soon as the rye begins to bloom) pour 500 ml of alcohol. Twenty days stored under a lid in a dry place, protected from the rays of the sun. 1 tsp. taken in the morning and evening.

11. To a teaspoon of April quinoa add half a cup of nettle and half a dessert spoon of soda. Pour a glass of water and ten days in the light. Drink before a night’s rest, five milliliters.
The recipe is not recommended for urolithiasis and chronic diseases of the digestive system.

12. To 200 ml of vodka add twenty grams of celandine. Ten days are upheld. They drink twenty-five drops once a day with a heart disease.

13. An antihistamine, that is, indicated for allergic asthma, is considered to be a tincture of St. John’s wort. 20 g of grass is placed in 300 ml of medical alcohol and kept for a week, occasionally shaking. Drink fifteen drops a day, diluted in water.

14. A folk remedy based on black elderberry fruits helps to reduce the number of seizures and alleviate the patient’s condition, especially if a cough is observed. 500 ml take two tbsp. l raw materials, kept in a cool place for eight days. Shake occasionally. Drink 1 tsp. three times a day with a small amount of water. With a cardiac form of pathology, the following recipe is used: 150 g of black elderberry roots are poured into 300 ml of vodka. It is kept in a dark place for at least ten days. Take ten drops three times.

Tinctures for asthma.

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