Tinctures for atherosclerosis.

Tinctures for atherosclerosis.

Oil and alcohol tinctures are called one of the most effective means in getting rid of atherosclerosis and its signs. One course should not exceed six months.

1. A tincture of clover flowers is considered a good national assistant in the treatment of a stenosing type of disease at home. Two large spoons of dried flowers are combined with 500 ml of alcohol 40%. Withstand ten days, filter. Take three times a day for 1 tbsp. l not less than three months. After they take a six-month break and repeat the treatment.
The tool is a danger to people with blood diseases. Clover thins the blood!

2. Ground rose hips, fill a little more than half the capacity of 0.5 liters. Pour vodka to the brim. It is kept in a dark place for fourteen days, periodically shaking the jar. Consume twenty drops a day with a piece of sugar.

3. With vascular spasms, the mordovia helps. 2 large tablespoons of seeds are poured with half a liter of vodka and kept for several weeks, regularly shaking the container. Reception begins with one drop, gradually increasing the dose to fifteen. The medicine is diluted in 50 ml of pure liquid. Take three times before meals. The course lasts about six months.

4. For the treatment of atherosclerosis of the cardiac aorta, fill a glass with fresh pine needles, pour vodka. Withstand ten days in a dark place. Drink 15 drops, diluting in 20 milliliters of pure moisture. Repeat three times.

5. If memory worsens, it is recommended to prepare tincture of oats. Two tbsp. l oats are minced with a meat grinder, 230 ml of vodka are poured and filtered after two weeks. Drink thirty drops twice a day before meals.

6. Into a dark glass container place 20 grams of crushed elecampane root. Pour with alcohol in an amount of 0.1 liter, kept under the lid for 20 days. After straining, mix with propolis tincture 20% 1: 1. Drink three times a day, thirty drops.

7. Fifty grams of flowers or fruits of Japanese sophora are mixed with 500 ml of vodka and placed in a dark place for a month. Take in strained form on a dessert spoon three times a day. Treatment is continued for at least three months.
The composition can not be used for problems with the liver and kidneys.

Tinctures for atherosclerosis.

8. Treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis is performed with an alcoholic agent based on ginseng. 30 g of crushed plant roots are poured with a liter of vodka. After four weeks, filter. Drink five drops, repeating three times.

9. For headaches, an oil garlic tincture helps. The garlic head is crushed, placed in a glass bowl and poured with a glass of unrefined vegetable oil. Withstand the day. Pour lemon juice and mix. Leave for a week in a dark place. Drink three times for 1 tbsp. l before meals. The treatment is continued for ninety days, after which they take a month-long break and repeat the course again.

10. Mix on the part of the leaves of small periwinkle, white mistletoe grass, field horsetail, blood-red hawthorn flowers, add two parts of the yarrow. Ten grams of the collection is poured into 220 ml of water. Boil for fifteen minutes. Insist 45 minutes. Cool and bring with boiled water to the original volume. Use in several stages.

11. Peeled garlic cloves, in the amount of 300 grams, put in a jar and pour alcohol (can be replaced with strong wine). Three weeks later, they start taking it — twenty drops per day, diluted in 200 ml of milk. It is considered tonic.

12. For 800 ml of vodka take 90 g of sage and 400 ml of water. One and a half months are kept in a glass container in the light. Use 50/50 with water in the morning on an empty stomach (1 tbsp. L.). Helps in stimulating the nervous system.
Sage worsens the course of endometriosis and raises blood pressure.

13. To 700 milliliters of strong red wine add a few tablespoons of chopped wormwood leaves and a crushed head of garlic. After five days, filter. Use three times before meals for three tbsp. l

14. In the spring, during the period of sap flow, the bark and roots of Eleutherococcus are collected. Pour vodka one to one. It is kept under the lid until the liquid reaches a dark color. To reduce cholesterol in the blood, thirty drops are taken three times a day.

15. In case of damage to the vessels of the legs, horse chestnut tincture is recommended. 20 grams of flowers are kept under cover in a glass of vodka for two weeks. Thirty drops are taken per day, repeating three times. Treatment lasts about 30 days. After a two-week break, repeat.
The prescription should be used with caution if there is a tendency to constipation, hypotension and malfunction of the menstrual cycle.

Tinctures for atherosclerosis.

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