Tinctures for bronchitis.

Tinctures for bronchitis.


Alcohol-containing tinctures are not intended for the treatment of children and pregnant women, but they allow the rest to recover quickly. The course is from two weeks to several months (depending on the severity of the clinical picture).

1. 100 ml of juice is squeezed out of a celandine plant. Pour into a glass container and combine with a bottle of vodka. After ten days, filter. Accepted for the treatment of obstructive and asthmatic bronchitis, a third of the glass three times on an empty stomach. For chronic or chronic types of the disease, they drink up to five times a day. The dose remains the same.
Tincture is dangerous for neurotic diseases because of its ability to cause hallucinations and increased nervous irritability.

2. Half a liter of alcohol is poured into 0.5 kg of raspberries (take only fresh fruits). A glass of honey is introduced and left for three weeks away from sunlight. When coughing, they drink a large spoon in the morning and before going to bed on an empty stomach.

3. The chronic type of the disease is treated like this: four sheets of aloe are added to half a liter of red home-made wine. Four days later, the aloe is taken out. Take a small spoon three times on an empty stomach.

4. Chronic, asthmatic and obstructive bronchitis in adults are treated with tincture of ledum. At 2/3 they fill a glass container, where after they send vodka (to the top). After a week, settling at room temperature is filtered. Drink a teaspoon once a day after meals.
The plant is poisonous, so its internal intake is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, severe dizziness may occur.

5. Ginseng root is washed and dried. Grind into powder. Five large spoons are injected into a liter of vodka and left for four weeks in a place hidden from the sun. After tincture is filtered. On the first day of treatment, only one drop is applied, applied to a piece of sugar. From the second day, the number of drops is increased by one. Treatment is continued until the number of drops equals the age of the patient. After follow in the reverse order. After a month, therapy is started anew. Helps folk remedy in the treatment of chronic disease.
Ginseng excites the nervous system, so taking it in the evening can negatively affect your ability to fall asleep.

Tinctures for bronchitis.

6. Take half a glass of thyme and cyanosis blue. Grind and pour vodka in an amount of 250 ml. After a week, filtered. Drink three times a teaspoon, washed down with clean liquid, on an empty stomach.

7. Pour 30 g of yarrow with a liter of vodka and stand for ten days in a place hidden from the sun. Filter and pour into a glass vessel, tightly clogging. Fifty drops are taken three times a day if the candida type of the disease is treated.

8. To a half liter of wheat vodka, fifteen grams of grass of gray icter is introduced. After fifteen days, the extracts are filtered. Take fifteen drops twice on an empty stomach. A recipe is recommended if atrophic bronchitis is observed.
Tincture of gray jaundice has a harmful effect on people with cardiovascular problems.

9. Fifteen grams of sea onions are crushed and added to 0.4 l of medical alcohol for a week. After filtration, treatment begins — ten drops twice a day.

10. Lilac flowers fill a liter jar. Pour vodka, insisting twenty days. Take twenty drops at bedtime, adding to warm tea. After three days, relief is felt.
When taking the remedy, chronic diseases can aggravate.

11. A handful of carrot seeds are slightly crushed and filled with 0.2 l of 40% alcohol. They defend the week in a warm place. Take 1 tbsp. l three times a day on an empty stomach. The tool quickly treats a chronic form of the disease.

12. Take a handful of sunflower seeds and carrots, pour into a glass container with a volume of one liter and pour vodka, one to one connected to water. Accepted after ten days of settling in a third of the glass three times on an empty stomach.

Tinctures for bronchitis.

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