Tinctures for dermatitis.

Tinctures for dermatitis.

The use of alcohol tinctures should not be excessive. For a milder effect on the body, it is recommended to dilute them in water before taking them.

1. Ten grams of elderberry flowers and leaves, elm bark, St. John’s wort, fifteen grams of common calamus roots and five grams of elecampane roots are crushed and mixed.

Pour 100 ml of hot water and insist a day. Filter through cheesecloth and bring to a boil, then mix with 100 grams of vodka. The mixture is left for another ten hours. Take two dessert spoons for two weeks twice a day.

2. Incomplete teaspoon lemon juice and the same amount of vodka is combined with crushed egg powder to a powdered state. Dosage — 1 tsp. funds per day, divided into several receptions. This recipe helps with any kind of dermatitis. Treatment can last three months.

3. Against atopic dermatitis use tincture of birch buds: 1 tbsp. l chopped kidneys are added to a glass of vodka. The container is hermetically sealed and sent to a dark place for three weeks. After filtering. Drink 40 drops a day, dissolving in a tablespoon of water.
Birch buds are not recommended for kidney failure.

Tinctures for dermatitis.

4. Atopic and contact inflammation is treated with tincture of 1 tbsp. tablespoons of peony tree grass and a similar amount of shredded valerian root. The components are placed in a glass container separately from each other. Each pour a glass of alcohol 40% and leave for three weeks. After filtered and mixed. Drink a teaspoon per day. The course lasts a month.

5. For many types of dermatitis, tincture of celandine is effective. Preliminarily, 60 grams of grass is ground with a meat grinder and the juice is drained. For a week, the juice is removed in a dark place for fermentation, previously placed in an opaque container with a lid. Periodically, the lid is opened to exit accumulated gases.

After a specified period of time, 60 ml of vodka is added to the juice. Clean in the refrigerator. After a couple of days, the composition is ready for use. It is impregnated with a cotton pad, which wipe the affected areas. Repeat twice a day. The course of treatment is a couple of weeks.
With dermatitis, the alcohol tincture of celandine is strictly contraindicated, since it can aggravate the course of the disease.

Tinctures for dermatitis.

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