Tinctures for diabetes.

Tinctures for diabetes.

If the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, diabetes patients begin to feel noticeably worse. Treatment in this case is recommended with tinctures. Tinctures are also used to eliminate visual impairment.

1. In a pharmacy buy tincture of a beaver stream. In a proportion of one to one, they are mixed with water and a similar amount of apple cider vinegar is introduced. The treatment is performed for a month, using a teaspoon of the medicine in the morning on an empty stomach. An effective remedy for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

2. Half a liter of quality vodka is poured into two large handfuls of chopped roots of high elecampane. After two weeks, the exposure in a dark place is filtered. Take thirty drops before meals, repeating three times a day. It is advisable to dilute the tincture with water. An effective folk remedy for lowering blood sugar.

3. With a mild form of diabetes, the tincture of the temptation, which is bought in a pharmacy, is indicated. The daily norm is eighty drops. It can be divided into two or three servings, washed down with water each. Therapy lasts about six weeks.
Tincture of a zamaniha is harmful if there is a tendency to hypertension.

4. A dozen stalks of leeks are freed from the peel. The white part of the stems is finely chopped and laid in a glass container. Pour a few liters of white wine and insist a couple of weeks, hiding from sunlight. Use 30 ml of tincture three times on a full stomach. The prescription helps in the treatment of type 2 disease in men and women.

5. In order for the pancreas to start producing more insulin, it is recommended to prepare a mixture of three tinctures. The first is based on the use of onions: three hundred milliliters of vodka accounts for 50 g of crushed raw materials, can withstand five days. The second involves the use of walnut leaves: 300 ml of vodka again 50 g. The third — tincture of the cuff. Again, fifty grams of herb is added to 300 ml of vodka. Combine 150 ml of the first tincture, 60 ml of the second and 40 ml of the third. Drink half a glass twice a day on an empty stomach.

Tinctures for diabetes.

6. Folk remedy for high sugar and acetone. Take the horseradish root (length — twenty centimeters), wash and chop, leaving the peel. Fall asleep in a liter container, add nine minced cloves of garlic. Pour the mass of fresh beer to the brim and leave it away from the sun for ten days. After filtering, take a dessert spoon three times.

7. A small handful of wormwood grass is placed in a container of glass and poured with a hundred milliliters of alcohol 40%. Close the lid or cork. A week is kept in a dry, dark place, not forgetting to shake the contents. Filter. Drink twenty-five drops three times before meals.
Prolonged use of tincture of wormwood leads to a violation of higher nervous activity and causes hallucinations.

8. For a month, insist at home 30 g of Japanese sophora seeds in 500 ml of vodka. Take three times on an empty stomach ten milliliters. Helps to lower sugar levels.
Caution should be taken in the presence of kidney and liver diseases.

9. An insulin-dependent type of diabetes is treated with tincture bought. Per liter of alcohol, 70% take 100 g of root. Twenty days away from the sun. Drink twenty drops, diluting with water.

10. In a proportion of one to ten combine the root of red ginseng and vodka. Month insist. Take four drops a day, ten drops, washed down with water.
Tincture treatment can lead to nausea, vomiting, and a sharp jump in blood pressure.

Tinctures for diabetes.

11. A liter of red wine for a couple of weeks, pour one hundred grams of finely chopped garlic. Use 10 ml three times a day on an empty stomach, thus getting rid of type 2 pathology. A recipe is especially recommended for those who are pestered by angina pectoris.

12. If diabetes decreases vision, prepare tincture of potato seedlings. A glass of vodka requires 1 tbsp. l raw materials. Seven days insist away from sunlight. Consume 1 tsp. three times before meals for a month.
It is strictly forbidden to use tincture with a sugar form of the disease.

13. diabetes insipidus eliminate propolis tincture. Take pea-sized propolis. Freeze, and then crumble into a glass bowl. There also add 100 ml of alcohol 70%. A few weeks later filtered. Take eighteen drops three times, adding to a small amount of milk.

14. Take 7 small cloves of garlic. Fall asleep in a jar and pour two cups of vodka for a week. Accepted for type 2 disease in the elderly, five drops in the morning and evening, diluting in a small amount of water. It helps if angina is observed.

15. To cure the pathology forever helps tincture of Aralia. Take one part of the root and combine with five parts of alcohol 70% per week. Shake the tincture periodically. After the set aging period is filtered. Use thirty drops three times, washed down with water.

Tinctures for diabetes.

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