Tinctures for epilepsy.

Tinctures for epilepsy.

Alcohol and other tinctures for the treatment of epilepsy are used at home to normalize the condition and reduce the number of seizures. The time of use is from three weeks to two months, after which they take a break and perform a new course.

1. 100 g of the root of the evading peony is poured with two glasses of vodka and stored for ten days in a place hidden from sunlight. Consume twenty drops for twenty-one days.

2. In a ratio of 1: 5, crushed valerian roots and 70% alcohol are mixed. Insist fourteen days in warmth or in the sun. Use four times twenty or twenty-five drops.
It is necessary to take the tincture with all caution, otherwise the side effect in the form of disorders of the nervous system cannot be avoided.

3. To one hundred milliliters of medical alcohol add fifteen grams of May lily of the valley flowers. Stand for a week. Use a couple of small spoons three times a day.

4. To one hundred milliliters of medical alcohol add 15 g of fragrant rue. Insist eight days, occasionally shaking. Use three times a day. A single dose is fifteen drops.

5. 20 g of dry grass of the woolly panzeria are combined with fifty milliliters of vodka. They are kept in the sun for ten days. They drink forty drops, repeating each time before eating.

6. 25 g of branches, leaves and fruits of mistletoe are combined with 100 ml of alcohol. Stand for eight days in a dry place. A single dose is thirty drops. Repeat three times a day.

Tinctures for epilepsy.

7. 20 g of flowers of mountain arnica in 100 ml of alcohol 70% can withstand a week. Use up to five times a day for half a dessert spoon in 1/3 cup of water.

8. To reduce the frequency of attacks, use tincture of bones. For 500 ml of alcohol 40% take 50 grams of raw materials. Withstand a month. Take ten drops a day.

9. Take fifty grams of fresh marija root, cut. Combine with 0.5 l of vodka and set aside for twenty-one days. The dosage for adults is twenty-five drops, for children — drop by drop for each year of life. Use three times in twenty four hours, diluting in a small amount of water.

10. Dried linden flowers are stacked in a liter jar. Pour vodka to the brim. Leave in a dark place for three weeks. Take 1 tsp. in the morning and at lunch, 1 tbsp. l in the evening.

11. Three art. l tansy colors are combined with ½ liters of white wine and kept in a place protected from the sun for three weeks. They drink for the treatment of the disease according to 1 tbsp. l every time before eating.

12. In a jar with a capacity of 500 ml, 25 g of pre-shredded hemlock grass is placed. Pour vodka to the top and leave in a dark cool place for eighteen days. Adults use this: on the first day they use one drop, on the second — two, on the third — three, and so on until ten. Each time, a folk remedy is diluted in a glass of clean liquid.
Hemlock — one of those plants that is categorically contraindicated in epilepsy. Alcohol tincture based on it is no exception.

13. In the forest find aspen with a dry top. Digging at the very root of the tree. Find long worms. Five pieces are brought home, put in a glass container (washed well beforehand) and 500 ml of vodka or moonshine are added. For two weeks, determine in a cool place. A strained product is used for 1 tbsp. l before meals, repeating three times a day.

Tinctures for epilepsy.

14. A dozen wood lice are squeezed into the bottle, poured with 0.2 liters of red wine and stored for 24 hours in a place inaccessible to sunlight, constantly shaking. Drink a dessert spoon at least six times a day.

15. In a container of dark glass, twenty-five grams of pink rhodiola is placed. Top up with 0.5 liter of vodka. Ten days kept in a dry place. Take ten drops three times a day before meals.
The grass has a stimulating effect, therefore, should not be used for treatment with severe hypertensive crisis.

16. 100 g of Sophora fruit is crushed using a meat grinder, transferred to a container of darkened glass and poured with 0.5 liters of medical alcohol. In a place protected from sunlight, can withstand two weeks. Accepted in the mornings and evenings. A single dose is fifteen milliliters.

17. In a one-to-one ratio, the roots of the thin-leaved peony and the cyanosis are mixed. Pour vodka (one hundred grams of raw materials accounts for 0.5 liters). They insist for two weeks, after which they use a teaspoon after each meal.

18. For nervous twitching caused by alcohol, it is recommended to take a tincture of the green of the raven eye. Four large spoons of raw material are mixed with 0.5 liters of vodka and kept in a dark place for at least nine days. They drink five drops every two hours. It is necessary to wash down with liquid.
The raven eye is a poisonous plant. An overdose of tinctures based on it is a direct path to dizziness, paralysis of the limbs and convulsions.

19. To 500 milliliters of vodka add one hundred grams of sleep-herb. Ten days are stored in a glass container, placed in a place inaccessible to sunlight. Every time before meals, ten drops are taken, diluted in a glass of pure moisture.

20. Prepare a tincture of hemlock seeds — for one part of medical alcohol, two parts of raw materials. Five to ten drops are used together with the extract of sweetlings (a large spoon of 230 ml of boiling water, kept for half an hour).

21. To 500 ml of vodka add 100 g of crushed roots of the Baikal Scutellaria. Three weeks insist in a cool dry place, shaking regularly. Squeeze. Drink thirty drops three times, diluting in 30 ml of liquid.Tinctures for epilepsy.

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