Tinctures for prostatitis.

Tinctures for prostatitis.

Alcohol tinctures, which are prepared at home, bring recovery even with a stagnant type of disease. Drink them should be no longer than four weeks, unless otherwise indicated.

1. One of the most effective tinctures is associated with aspen bark. Collect raw materials before sap flow. It is advisable to collect bark with a thickness of not more than five mm. Dried in the oven. One hundred grams is taken and cut. Determined in a glass container and pour 200 ml of vodka. Two weeks are kept in a corner hidden from sunlight. Take twenty drops in a filtered form before meals, diluting in a glass of boiled water.
The use of tincture sometimes leads to constipation.

2. At home, mix a dessert spoon of hemlock and celandine. Combine with one hundred milliliters of medical alcohol for ten days. After exposure to a place inaccessible to sunlight, it is filtered. Drink, starting with one drop per day. Every day, the dosage is increased by one dose, reaching up to thirty drops. After moving in the reverse order.
A poisonous plant is present in the tincture, so caution should be exercised.

3. Take a cup of chopped Kalanchoe leaves, combine with a half liter of quality vodka for five days. Take a teaspoon until the symptoms of prostatitis disappear. Another recipe for making tinctures looks like this: 100 g of chopped leaves are taken per 100 ml of alcohol. Twenty days kept out of reach of the sun. Use a teaspoon three times before recovery.

4. 200 ml of alcohol are poured into 200 ml of celandine juice. It is kept in a dark place for three days, then proceed to treatment. On the first day they drink one drop, on the second — two, and so they reach sixty. Each time washed down with 50 ml of pure water.
Celandine is toxic, so the exact dosage should be observed.

5. Prepare gruel from fresh horseradish root. Eight large spoons are taken. Add to several tablespoons of chopped walnut leaves. Mix the mixture with four small spoons of gruel prepared from basil color. The resulting mass is poured with a liter of dry red wine. Insist one day. After boiling for 12 minutes over low heat. Allow to cool and filter. They use a folk remedy three times in 100 ml for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, and every hour 55 ml for exacerbation.
There are diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, in which it is better not to be treated with horseradish tincture. It is worth consulting with your doctor.

Tinctures for prostatitis.

6. Prepare gruel from onions. To prepare tinctures take at least three hundred grams. It is mixed with one hundred milliliters of honey and the mass is added to 0.6 ml of white wine. They defend the week, avoiding direct sunlight. They are taken to get rid of the stagnant type of the disease for a couple of spoons three times before a meal.

7. A handful of cloves (spice) is placed in 400 ml of vodka. Hold in a dark place for seven days. Take a mustard spoon four times, washed down with a small amount of water.
Cloves contribute to high blood pressure.

8. To 450 ml of vodka pour 55 g of dry red root. Ten days they hold the container with tincture in a place remote from sunlight. Filter. Drink twice in half a dessert spoon. It is advisable to introduce in green tea.
It can not be used for vascular pathologies.

9. A handful of birch buds for two weeks insist in 400 ml of vodka. After squeezing the raw materials, the treatment is performed twice, using a teaspoon of the product before meals.

10. Take half a kilogram of chopped aloe leaves. Combine with a half liter of honey and pour a mixture of 500 ml of strong red wine. Five days are stored in the refrigerator and then filtered. Drink twice a teaspoon before meals.

Tinctures for prostatitis.

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