Tinctures for varicose veins.

Tinctures for varicose veins.

In the treatment of the disease, alcohol tinctures are used rarely. In addition to the well-known horse chestnut remedies, healers recommend equally effective formulations. Their intake is carried out from a week to three months.

1. Take 100 g of dope seeds. Grind with a coffee grinder, pour into a glass container and combine with 500 milliliters of vodka. They stand in a dark place for two weeks. Shake the tincture regularly. The treatment begins with fifteen drops diluted in half a cup of water.

Daily increase the dose by a couple of drops, gradually reaching twenty-five. This dosage is indicated for use within a month.

Datura seeds are extremely toxic because they contain alkaloids. It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication through tincture, without first consulting a doctor.

2. In the fight against varicose veins in the home, tincture of horse chestnut helps at home. Fifty grams of flowers are poured into 500 ml of medical alcohol and allowed to stand for two weeks. The capacity is constantly shaken.

After the time allotted for exposure, filter. Use three times a day before meals in a tablespoon diluted in a cup of water. The course is a week. Fourteen days later, the treatment is repeated again.

3. To 500 ml of vodka add 100 grams of crushed herbs of fragrant rue. It is kept in a cool place, hidden from the sun, for ten days. After filtration, pour into a glass container and store in the refrigerator. With varicose veins, they drink 10 drops per tablespoon of water, repeating each time before a meal.

Tincture should not be taken often, otherwise burns may appear on the skin.

4. Mix 100 g of nutmeg and 500 ml of vodka. Insist ten days, occasionally shaking. Filter and start taking — 20 drops three times. Duration of admission is ten days. If necessary, conduct another course.

5. Knead 300 g of hawthorn fruit and pour 500 ml of wheat vodka. Insist for three weeks, periodically shaking. They consume six milliliters daily, preferably before dinner.

Tinctures for varicose veins.

6. In a capacity of 500 ml, crushed sheets of Kalanchoe are poured (up to half). Top up with vodka. Store in a dark place for a week. Take five drops twice a day, diluting with a small amount of moisture.

7. Good results with varicose veins of the extremities and internal organs are demonstrated by tincture of bee subpestilence. Take a glass of bees, pour it into a glass container and fill it with five glasses of vodka. For several weeks they are sent to settle in a dark, cool place.

The container is shaken periodically. After filtering, the tincture is sent in a glass container and stored in a cabinet, away from sunlight. Take an incomplete dessert spoon per day, breeding with a cup of water.

Despite the fact that tincture of bee subpestilence is practically devoid of contraindications, it should not be taken by pregnant women and people with chronic diseases in the acute period.

8. Cure the disease and propolis. In addition to using the product in its pure form, the use of alcohol tincture is recommended. For 300 ml of medical alcohol accounted for 80 grams of propolis.

To sustain the composition should be two weeks in a dark glass container, removing away from sunlight and moisture. Drink tincture of five milliliters three times a day, diluting with water. The recipe also helps to overcome thrombophlebitis.

9. Lilac helps to get rid of discomfort in diseases of internal organs. 100 grams of flowers are poured with 500 milliliters of vodka and add thirty grams of propolis.

A month is kept in a place protected from sunlight. After straining, they start taking it — a large spoon twice after eating.

Tinctures for varicose veins.

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