Tinctures from vitiligo.

Tinctures from vitiligo.

For internal use

1. Used St. John’s wort infusion. A folk remedy is prepared as follows: pour a tablespoon of dry grass with boiling water and insist for half an hour. Ready infusion is consumed orally by a tablespoon three times a day. Duration — 3 weeks, followed by a break per week. The duration of the course is six months.

Six-month therapy does not promise to get rid of vitiligo forever. Such a long intake of grass can result in malfunctions in the body, including an increase in blood pressure and an increase in the liver.

2. As a means for home treatment, dandelion tincture is used. 10 grams of dry raw materials are crushed and filled with 100 ml of vodka. 2 weeks insist in a dark place, and then filtered. The finished tincture is placed in a glass container with a lid. To receive 5 drops are shown. Drink four times a day until tincture is over.
You need to be prepared for the specific taste of homemade products. The bitterness inherent in both components will be difficult to kill even with honey.

3. Pour chopped parsnip leaves with boiling water (200 ml tablespoon of raw materials). Insist «medicine» for several hours, then filter. Take infusion four times a day, 50 ml. It is important to drink before meals. After a week, the dose increases to 100 ml.

4. At home, the disease is recommended to be treated with milk tincture from oats. 2 cups of raw material is poured into six glasses of milk, sent to a steam bath (incubated for three hours). After which the folk remedy is filtered. Take 3 cups a day 40 minutes before meals. The course is 2 months.

5. Insist the juice of the leaves of legumes on 20% alcohol. After add a teaspoon of St. John’s wort and stand for 24 hours. Folk medicine strain. Take a teaspoon three times a day for three weeks.

6. Grind grass to verbena. 1 tablespoon of chopped verbena pour half a liter of boiling water, leave for an hour. Strain and take three times a day for 100 ml. The same composition can make lotions.

7. Another folk potion is prepared as follows: 40 grams of mountain arnica are poured into 0.4 ml of boiling water. Insist hour. Take 100 ml before meals 4 times a day.

For external use

1. The most effective is the tincture of red capsicum. You can buy it in a pharmacy, but the best is considered to be a product prepared on your own: put seven dry pepper pods in a jar, pour 500 ml of vodka. The finished tincture will be after a month of exposure in a dark place. From that moment it is indicated to rub it into the diseased areas for 10 minutes. The skin should turn pink. After the procedure, it is recommended to go out in the sun. The duration of sunbathing is 30 minutes. After a few weeks, the spots of vitiligo should disappear.
Rubbing tincture of hot pepper may well result in a burning sensation that easily develops into a full-fledged allergic reaction.

2. Treatment of cosmetic pathology is also carried out with the help of home tincture of a golden mustache, the processes of which insist on vodka. The duration of alternative therapy for the appearance of the first results is 10 years.
It is likely that 10 years of effort will be wasted. During this time, the disease will unfold in all its glory and will not be subject to traditional medicine.

3. Pathological areas are wiped with homemade wormwood tincture: a couple of tablespoons of dry raw materials are poured with 500 ml of boiling water, insisted for 3 hours, filtered. It must be used hot, wiping the affected areas. After showing sun exposure to consolidate the effect. The procedure is performed every 2 days for a month.

4. Walnut leaves and pericarp are used. They are mixed in equal proportions, poured with vodka in a ratio of 1:10. The remedy is infused for 10 days in a dark place, after which it is used twice a day for rubbing into the affected areas of the epidermis. The course is 2 months.

5. To get rid of depigmentation, adherents of traditional medicine recommend using astragalus tincture. 1 teaspoon of crushed roots pour 0.5 ml of boiling water. For half an hour they are kept on low heat, insist for at least 4 hours. After straining, the infusion is recommended for use three times a day in an amount of 150 ml.

Tinctures from vitiligo.

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