Tonic for a face made from mandarin peel.

Tonic for a face made from mandarin peel. To look younger.

Mandarins are loved by many. They are very tasty and smell like a holiday. But does everyone know that mandarin peel is also an incredibly useful product? For those who did not know about it, we will tell. How to make a face tonic from mandarin peel.

But first, in more detail about the healing properties. First, the peel contains essential oils and pectin. Pectin is very often introduced into cosmetics. It is used not only as a thickener. But also as an anti-inflammatory agent. With it, you can get rid of acne and various rashes on the skin.

Secondly, the citric acid that enters the peel is an excellent natural bleach. Farewell freckles and age spots. Thirdly, in the skin (as in the whole fruit), a lot of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (carotene). Vitamins not only nourish the skin, but also are powerful antioxidants.

So, we have made good use of it. Let’s start preparing a tonic for the face. The recipe I want to offer you is very simple. You can even say the most elementary. Tangerine thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Remove the wax residues with which the fruit is smeared before transport. The fruit itself is eaten. Peel the corn in a suitable dish. It must always be closed with a lid.

Necessary ingredients:

• peel with a single mandarin;
• One glass of boiling water.

A refreshing tonic for a face made from mandarin peel. Preparation and use.

1. We wash the washed peel of mandarin in a bowl. Fill with the right amount of boiling water. Close tight lid.

2. We insist everything within an hour. Filter — and the tangerine tonic is ready.

3. Using such a tonic, you will notice that you always have a wonderful festive mood.

4. Tonic can be washed or rubbed face using a cotton swab.

5. You can freeze the tonic. Wipe your face with cubes of vitamin ice. The result is a double effect.

6. If desired, pour the tonic into the bottle. Use it as a face spray. Excellent refreshing effect.

7. If you have a young and very oily skin, you can dilute the infusion with quality alcohol.

Visually the skin will become very beautiful, smooth and gentle to the touch. He does not cause any discomfort. Keep the tonic for your face in the refrigerator, but not more than two days. Try it by all means. Moreover, the recipe is absolutely free.


Tonic for a face made from mandarin peel.

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