Treatment for lung cancer.

On local effects on cancer.

Treatment for lung cancer.

And a few words about therapeutic local effects. In the patient’s chest, you can rub, for example, a rosemary tincture. Treatment for lung cancer.

Useful inhalation from Ledum and other medicinal plants that contain essential oils that have a disinfectant property.

Treatment for lung cancer.

So, for inhalations you can use eucalyptus, kidneys and needles pine, fir needles.
In the chest, in the lungs, you can rub and tincture hemlock, and all the other antitumoral herbs that we talked about, since the herbs through the skin, too, penetrate into the lungs.

You can make compresses with these herbs on the lung area.

It is good to apply clay on the projection of the tumor on the lung area.

I teach my patients how to properly prepare clay. It is better to use blue clay, although any clay will do. Make clay from the clay, add a little tincture of hemlock (by eye, as it is for external purposes).

Treatment for lung cancer.

Apply clay appliqués daily for 2 hours. Clay applications can be administered for up to two months, but the shortest course is a week.

Clay absorbs negative energy, is an adsorbent of viruses and other pathogenic microflora.

Clay is good to use and inside. Take a teaspoon of clay, pour a glass of cooled boiled water and mix, then let it brew for 1-2 minutes and drink the whole glass with slow sips.

When the lungs are damaged, lymph nodes can grow on the neck. In such cases it is necessary to use oils from poisonous plants — to put them in the area of ​​enlarged lymph nodes.

For example, it is good to use hemlock oil, which is applied to the area of ​​enlarged lymph nodes 2-4 times a day.
In the enlarged lymph nodes there is a congestion of toxins and poisons, and such their oils are dissolved and withdrawn.

Complex treatment includes the activation of the human energy state. This will help prayer, which acts on the spiritual level and enhances the energy envelope of the patient.

We must go to church, take communion, try to get rid of sins.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that the patient needs to instill hope for healing so that he believes in victory over the disease — in fact, in principle, everything disease can be defeated if one has the right approach to treatment.

Hummingbird + oregano

Hemorrhoids are best taken together with oregano, especially in lung cancer, because the oregano has an expectorant property, and also improves digestion and has an anti-cancer effect.

Tea oregano brew in the evening, pour a tablespoon of oregano with a glass of steep boiling water. In tea oregano drip tincture hemlock.

Milk and honey

• You can use milk instead of water to make broths — then the effect of medicinal expectorant herbs will be greater.
It is especially good to boil sage and Icelandic cetrarium on milk.

• In the treatment of lung tumors, all infusions of medicinal plants should be sweetened with honey, because honey cleans lungs and bronchi from intoxication and from pus.

Do not make mistakes!

Phytotherapy with potent herbs should be used for a long time with very short breaks — you can not do long breaks. Who makes big breaks, he makes the mistake: resting patient and «resting» illness.

The break can be done within a week, maximum — within ten days. Expecting the same herbs, alternating them, you need to drink constantly.


Treatment for lung cancer.

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