Treatment of angina with applications.

Treatment of angina with applications.

Angina is called an infectious disease, manifested by inflammation of the tonsils. Treatment of angina with applications. The causative agents are viruses, bacteria and fungi that enter the throat and are activated by adverse factors. May affect children and adults.

The clinical picture of tonsillitis is represented by fever up to 39 degrees, acute sore throat, aching joints, enlarged lymph nodes. On tonsils accumulation of pus is possible. By type, angina is divided into primary (simple), secondary (symptomatic) and specific.

Depending on the depth and nature of the lesion of the tonsils, the disease is catarrhal, follicular, lacunar (purulent) and necrotic. In childhood, herpetic is more often observed. A relatively rare species is phlegmonous. The degrees of severity also vary — mild, moderate and severe.

The danger of the disease lies in complications. These include otitis media, laryngeal edema and tonsil bleeding. Among the more serious — rheumatism, kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract damage, blood poisoning. Official medicine knows enough methods to get rid of the symptoms of tonsillitis. It is also considered possible to treat tonsillitis at home.

Treatment of angina with applications.

The method involves the application of a number of folk remedies on the inner surface of the tonsils and throat. For this purpose, different plants and improvised products are used.

1. One of the most effective for tonsillitis of different nature — propolis. A beekeeping product is best used as a tincture. For 100 ml of medical alcohol, approximately 25 grams of propolis is needed.

Previously, the product is subjected to grinding. Withstand tincture until ready for about two weeks, protecting from sunlight and occasionally shaking. After the finished product, the diseased areas are lubricated. Repeat no more than three times a day.

During the session, the patient may feel a strong burning sensation, since alcohol tincture irritates the inflamed mucosa. Applying a prescription to treat children is not recommended.

2. It is recommended to treat loss of voice with tincture of elecampane. Fifty grams of roots are well ground and injected into 500 ml of vodka. Defend for three days. The finished composition in the amount of a dessert spoon is poured into the throat so that most of it is on both glands. Spend a session every hour. You can’t talk, as well as drink the composition with water.

3. Three large spoons of honey are combined with ten milliliters of freshly squeezed aloe juice. The mixture is used to lubricate the tonsils once a day. The course is two weeks.

4. Iodine and glycerin are mixed in equal proportions. The mixture is used to lubricate swollen painful tonsils twice a day.

Treatment of angina with applications.

5. Sea buckthorn oil helps to permanently eliminate the symptoms of angina. They are recommended to lubricate the tonsils several times a day. After one hour you can’t eat or drink anything. It’s also best not to talk. For the procedure, you can use ready-made oil, bought at a pharmacy, but it is advisable to cook it at home. It takes three cups of berry meal (extracted from fresh raw materials) and 500 ml of vegetable oil. The components are insisted for a week, after which they spin.

6. With pronounced inflammation, the tonsils are smeared with fir oil. He is also shown to drip his nose for a quick recovery.
After instillation of the oil, the patient may feel a burning sensation.

7. To eliminate ulcers, a special ointment is prepared, which is then applied to the tonsils. The components are as follows: onion juice (from one head), honey (50 ml), badger fat (2 tbsp.), Olive oil (2 tbsp.), Currant jam (1 glass), lemon juice (1 glass) . Treatment is performed up to five times a day.

8. Condensed onion juice helps with sore throat. They prepare it this way: pour finely chopped onions with a small amount of water (moisture should cover the onions) and boil until a thick mass forms. The medicine lubricates the affected tonsils up to four times a day.

Treatment of angina with applications.

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