Treatment of angina.

Treatment of folk remedies for angina pectoris.

Treatment of angina.

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Methods for the treatment of angina folk remedies and removal of its attacks. Treatment of angina.

In acute sternal pain is recommended to rub fir oil in the chest area of ​​the heart (5-6 drops).

Sometimes it is possible to resort to receive 20 ml of brandy with sugar — it should expand coronary vessels and stop an attack.

A useful nutritional product for patients with angina pectoris is the veal liver. The diet must also enter hematogen.

You can find a tip for an attack on the area to put yellow card heart, and on the back at the same time — the banks.

Quite seriously, many experts consider the option of treating angina hunger. Implied or periodic full refusal of food for 5-7 days, followed by reducing power, or in the use of «hungry» days only fruit, nuts and honey. Note, however, that experiments with strict diets should always be agreed with the doctor.

From smoking and alcohol should be abandoned once and for all. And of course, prone to angina must be more fresh air, fresh fruit, weight normalization and strictly measured, but the constant exercise. Sedentary lifestyle only increase susceptibility to heart attacks.


Treatment of angina.

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