Treatment of atherosclerosis.

Treatment of cerebrovascular disease.

Treatment of atherosclerosis.

The main condition for the treatment of atherosclerosis risk factors -removal. Treatment of atherosclerosis. This means that the patient should adjust your diet and lifestyle. With regard to medicinal products, that they are appointed physician on an individual scheme reception. According to the testimony surgery can be performed.

Treatment of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis of vessels of the brain often caused by excess cholesterol. Therefore, from the diet, the patient should be excluded all products where this substance is contained in large quantities — lard, fatty meats, butter, egg yolks, and others.
It was shown in the use of a significant amount of fiber, which can be obtained from grains and raw vegetables

A healthy lifestyle helps ease symptoms of atherosclerosis and improve the oxygen supply to the brain. So, it is highly recommended to spend more time outdoors, to give up tobacco, avoid stress and organize an optimal work and rest. hypertension and reduction of the pressure in the treatment rate is also a prerequisite for atherosclerosis therapy.

Treatment of atherosclerosis.

Drug treatment of the disease includes drugs that eliminate the various causes of atherosclerosis and aimed at «braking» process proliferation of plaque in the vessels of the brain, normalize blood circulation and condition of the arteries:
Statins (Merton, Atoris, Zocor, Lipitor) — to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and stopping the growth of atherosclerotic plaques. Accepted at this dose once a day for 2-3 months. They have a lot of side effects and therefore only indicated in patients with severe brain damage blood vessels.
ntiplatelet agents (cardiomagnil, thrombo ASS) — blood thinners and prevention of blood clots.
Sekverstranty bile acids — ion exchange resins are the fatty acids for communication in the body, resulting in blood cholesterol misses;
Fibrates (fenofibrate) — to reduce triglyceride levels. Their reception — exchange, under constant medical supervision.
Nicotinic acid and derivatives — to lower total cholesterol and triglycerides and increasing dense lipoproteins, which are useful body.
Medications to lower blood pressure. They definitely need to be taken daily, as in the background «to jump» pressure in patients with atherosclerosis repeatedly increases the likelihood of stroke and subsequent disability.
Anti-depressants and sedatives (if necessary) — if the patient is present melancholy and anxiety.
Surgery is mandatory aspect of treatment of atherosclerosis of brain vessels, if the identified high risk clogging the vital arteries of the brain.
The traditional way of operation is called endarektomiey. It makes an incision in the skin to allow access to the affected vessel and blood flow at the same time cover at the desired location. It cuts through the vessel wall and plaque is a life-threatening wound. The vessel was sutured and then consecutively other tissues.
Endoscopic surgery method is much more modern and leaves no scars. Special instrument endoscope is introduced into a large container, then under the control reaches the artery narrowing section. There is established the stent to expand the lumen and continue to allow blood to circulate freely.

Gymnastics at disease. Treatment of atherosclerosis.

Gymnastics with this diagnosis is used when the disease is located on the 1st and 2nd stage of development. Classes will have its own characteristics, and before them will need to begin to consult with your doctor.
A set of exercises is best done in the morning or in the afternoon (after 2 hours after a meal). All movements should be carried out smoothly, without harshness. To complicate and introduce new elements should be gradual.
During a workout is not recommended sharp turns his head, allocating it back, strong rotation, lasting body tilts down, the rapid jumps. All of these exercises can cause dizziness or fainting.
Physical activity is aimed at strengthening the vascular and cardiac system to prevent stagnation in the bloodstream, learning proper breathing. During the training you need to carefully monitor the heart rate, breathing, for the heart and general condition. If the beginning of the headache, the pulse is difficult to be controlled, any pain in the heart, then the training is for a time suspended.


Diet and nutrition.

Patients with atherosclerosis should eliminate from your daily diet consumption of smoked, canned food, sweets, animal fats. On the menu are required to dominate the fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood.
The patient must give up chocolate, coffee, and milk with a high fat percentage. The power can be turned on strawberry liqueur, Eleutherococcus, juice and other cranberry fresh berries.

Treatment of folk remedies.

Traditional medicine offers to cope with atherosclerosis using plant-based drug charges valerian, St. John’s wort, marsh cudweed. Such solutions are recommended to drink 0.5 cups twice a day Taking these fees helps eliminate vasospasm, and relieves tension.
Actual use of potato juice: headaches quarter cup. Juice from a black currant is drunk as a quarter cup three times a day.
It is also used apple cider vinegar: mix 1 tea spoon of it with a teaspoon of honey and is used once a day for headaches.
A mixture of grated apple with garlic too well to cope with the symptoms of atherosclerosis. Halves of apple mixed with a clove of garlic, which is pre-rubbed on a grater, and then receiving the resulting slurry is carried out as follows: 1 tablespoon three times a day.

Prevention of disease.

To protect themselves from atherosclerosis required metered in for sports (swimming, cycling) or to include in your daily routine walks on air, morning exercises, tempering.
It is also necessary to get rid of bad habits, timely treat chronic diseases associated with endocrine and cardiovascular systems.
You should try to follow the regime of work and rest, avoid stress.

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