Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies.

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies.

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies. An inflammatory disease that affects the mucous membrane of the bronchial tree and lungs is called bronchitis. It is observed in children and adults, regardless of gender.
Untimely appeal to the doctor threatens the development of pneumonia or bronchial asthma. Therapy in the acute form of the disease boils down to bed rest and medication, including expectorant or antitussive. At high temperatures, antipyretics are prescribed. Treatment of bronchitis at home involves the use of alternative recipes.


Inhalation of therapeutic steam helps to quickly cope with shortness of breath and overcome cough. Procedures are prescribed for children and adults. The course, as a rule, is not canceled until recovery.
Hot inhalations cannot be carried out at a body temperature exceeding 37 degrees.

1. In the treatment of acute bronchitis in a child, inhalation with potatoes helps. It is boiled together with the peel, drained of water and slightly knead with a fork. Four drops of fir oil are added. Inhalations are performed by bowing the child’s head over a potato container. Duration is ten minutes. It is recommended to perform in the evening.

2. During pregnancy, soda inhalation is prepared. A handful of baking soda is added to a liter of boiling water. They bow over the tank and inhale the vapor for no more than fifteen minutes, repeating in the morning and evening.

3. To two liters of water add a few chopped cloves of garlic and a chopped onion. Boil for about twenty minutes after boiling. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. They bow their heads above the container, cover themselves with a towel and breathe for ten minutes.
Contraindicated with a tendency to nosebleeds.

4. When using a nebulizer, prepare a solution of sea salt. Three pinches of salt without dyes are required per liter of water. Sometimes a pinch of baking soda is added to the solution.

5. Add five drops of lavender, pine, eucalyptus, juniper or thuja essential oil to a glass of warm water. Use the composition for inhalation twice a day.
In the case of children, oil inhalation is not recommended.

6. In a pan, heat ordinary salt. Breathe over the product, periodically shaking the container with salt, for seven minutes, repeating three times. The prescription can be used to treat children and adults.

7. If sputum and an abrupt cough are difficult to separate, as well as when there is a candida type of pathological condition, it is recommended to prepare any of the preparations at home: one gram of thermopsis herb and twenty grams of primrose leaves; fifteen grams of elderberry and a similar amount of mullein color; twenty grams of pine buds and twenty five grams of chamomile officinalis. The selected collection is poured with a liter of water and boiled. Allow to cool, filter. Used for steam inhalation, diluting with boiling water. Repeat the procedure twice a day with the disease in adults.

8. 60 g of propolis and half the beeswax are placed in aluminum utensils. Dissolve the components in a water bath. Vapors are inhaled for ten minutes in the morning and evening. Effective in the presence of obstructive disease.

9. In a container with several cups of boiling water, pour a pinch of chamomile pharmacy, add ten milliliters of honey and a similar amount of baking soda. Bend over the container with the composition, covering his head with a towel. They breathe for ten minutes with asthmatic bronchitis, accompanied by a dry cough. Inhalations are performed twice a day. The recipe is also used to treat an atrophic type of pathological condition.

10. Take one part of yellow wax and spruce resin. Melt in a water bath or microwave. They put the resulting mass on hot coals. Breathe daily for fifteen minutes. It is advisable to perform the procedure before bedtime. Demonstrates effectiveness in wheezing.
Not recommended for chronic pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

11. A good means for inhalation, allowed for children and adults, is the collection of branches of raspberries, mint and sea buckthorn. The components are taken equally, poured with a liter of water and boil for a short time. Squeeze. Breathe over a container with a decoction, covered with a towel, for no more than seven minutes. Repeat in the morning and evening.

12. Two pieces of silver are placed in a solution of sodium chloride, previously fixed on the wires. Connect the wires to the five-volt battery. Thus, a white milk is formed on the surface of the water. It gives the antibacterial effect. Recommended for allergic form of the disease.

13. A little boiling water is poured into the teapot. Add a slice of Zvezdochka balm. Breathe over the steam for ten minutes if there are wheezing.

14. Two hundred grams of rye straw is brewed with several liters of hot liquid. Ten milliliters of tincture of valerian and twenty milliliters of alcohol are added. After inhalation, the application of warm straw on the chest is recommended.

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies.

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