Treatment of mastitis.

Treatment of mastitis.

Mastitis is called inflammation of the mammary gland resulting from the activity of bacteria (staphylococcal infection). The disease manifests as a bursting chest pain, the formation of seals and redness of the skin in the area of ​​inflammation.

In this case, there is an increase in body temperature and the appearance of chills. More often, nursing mothers are ill with mastitis. Inflammation develops due to prolonged stagnation of milk in the gland, which leads to lactostasis.

Treatment of mastitis.


Applying therapeutic compounds to the skin of the chest in places of ongoing inflammation and the formation of seals is considered one of the effective methods of treating mastitis at home. It is recommended to be treated in this way until recovery.

The duration of one procedure should not exceed three hours. Otherwise, toxic substances released during the session will begin to be absorbed back.

1. Pumpkin pulp is cut into small pieces. In milk, boil until soft. Spread warm pulp on a piece of gauze, wrap and apply to the desired area with purulent mastitis. They hold a folk remedy for a couple of hours.

2. In the oven, bake one onion. Knead until cool, and mix with flax oil. The composition is kept on the mammary gland for two hours. Treatment is recommended for a purulent form of the disease.
Warming compresses with purulent mastitis are categorically contraindicated. Otherwise, deterioration is possible.
3. Take a fresh cabbage leaf. Slightly beat off the inside of the hammer. Apply to chest all night. Perform the procedure in the acute form of the disease every evening before treatment.

4. A glass of boiling water is added to half a glass of dried sweet melilot. Thirty minutes later filtered. In the infusion, a handkerchief is moistened, applied to the chest affected by acute mastitis for twenty minutes. Perform a compress twice a day. Helps to combat the feeling of fullness and swelling of the mammary glands.

5. Before obtaining a porridge-like consistency, linseed and olive oil are mixed with potato starch. The mixture is laid on the chest, fixing with a bandage on top. After a few hours, the composition is removed. The recipe helps if the lactation type of the disease is observed.

Treatment of mastitis.

6. Serous mastitis is treated with compresses with warm camphor oil applied to linen. The exposure time is one hour. If necessary, repeat three times a day.

7. Another recipe for the treatment of the serous form involves the application to the inflamed area of ​​the steamed leaves of coltsfoot or burdock. Leave for the night.

8. Take a cotton piece of fabric and make holes for the nipples. They are moistened in warm saline solution (1 tbsp. Per 50 ml of water) and applied to the mammary glands, fixed on top with a bandage and a scarf. Hold until cool.
If there are abrasions or wounds on the skin, the compress should not be used.

9. A teaspoon of black alder leaves in a cup of boiling water is insisted until cool. In the finished infusion, a shawl is moistened, which is then applied to the chest for several hours. Repeat three times a day.

10. In relieving pain and swelling of the breast in a nursing mother, a compress with chamomile helps. Three large spoons of flowers are steamed with 0.2 l of boiling water for thirty minutes. In strained infusion, a piece of tissue is moistened. Change the tissue after four hours.

11. In a meat grinder chop fresh cabbage leaves. Mix with yogurt until a mushy mass is obtained. Used for application to the mammary gland affected by purulent, serous and other types of mastitis. The exposure time is usually 1.5-2 hours.

12. Fresh cabbage leaf is slightly beaten with a wooden hammer. On the side where the juice stood out, put a little slurry of fresh beets. They are applied to the chest for twenty minutes, repeating the treatment four times a day. It is indicated for serous, purulent and other types of disease.

Treatment of mastitis.

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