Treatment of rheumatic fever.

Rheumatic arthritis.

Treatment of rheumatic fever.

Birch treats.

One of the best tools used for chronic articular rheumatism with swelling of the joints.
Several times I was convinced from their patients in the high efficiency of this method. Wanted wide spacious trousers, which loosely stuffed fresh young birch leaves. In the evening before going to bed to insert the patient’s legs in trousers so as to fairly thick layer of leaves clung to his feet on all sides. Legs are heavily sweating, they would sweat in the steam bath. Sometimes at midnight leaves should be changed if they become too wet.
When used correctly, this method comes complete cure. 15-20 requires procedures conducted daily. Two categorical demands: the night is not disclosed, however it would be desirable, and for each procedure used only fresh birch leaf.

Ointment of birch buds.

Ointment: take 800 g of completely fresh unpasteurized and unsalted butter, put it in a clay pot with the same layer of the kidneys until the pot is almost complete.
Close lid to cover the opening around the cap and put the pot test for 24 hours in an oven at a temperature of 150-160 °. Then squeeze the oil from the kidneys and put it 1/4 cup of camphor, comminuted into a powder. Keep the ointment closed in a cool place. Rub rheumatism patients place at least once a day, at bedtime can. Ointment from birch Therefore a check is considered to be a powerful tool in the treatment of rheumatism.

Tincture of birch kidneys in vodka or alcohol. It is used for rubbing into the skin of the feet or hands. Sometimes birch buds brewed with boiling water and insist for a while in the kettle, then the patient drink it as tea to cause sweating.

Fresh or dried leaves anemone (Goldilocks, forest, Dubravnaya) in the form of tinctures (4 tbsp. Spoon of leaves per cup of vodka) is used for rubbing the sore spot.


Treatment of rheumatic fever.

Juice of dandelion.

Yellow flowers of dandelion crush, add the same amount of sugar, stir and put in the fridge for a week and half. Then squeeze the mixture, strain and put back in the refrigerator. take tablespoon per hour before a meal.
During flowering dandelion is very useful to have his milk stems. At this time, dandelion juice — long-standing and proven remedy for rheumatism.


Treatment of rheumatic fever.

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