Treatment of vitiligo ointments.

Treatment of vitiligo ointments.

1. For the preparation of homemade ointments, you will need boric and acetylsalicylic acid in, which must be mixed until smooth with petroleum jelly or an ordinary baby cream. Pre-tablets are crushed to a powder state.

The finished composition is applied once a day to depigmented areas of the skin. After recommended sunbathing.
Affected skin is very sensitive to sunlight, as it lacks protective pigment. It is necessary not to open it, but to protect it as best as possible with clothing!

2. Another ointment for use at home is prepared from egg white, 1 lemon, 40 ml of cologne and a teaspoon of baby cream.

After mixing, the components are placed in an opaque glass container with a lid. Store in the refrigerator for no more than 3 weeks. On the affected areas of the epidermis vitiligo ointment is applied daily before bedtime. The course is 3-4 weeks.

3. For treatment, Sulsen ointment is used, the direct purpose of which is to eliminate hair problems. Adherents of home treatment say that an ointment with a concentration of the main active ingredient of 2% is suitable for relief from vitiligo.

Sulsenoy need to rub bleached places for half an hour, after which it is important to wash the skin well. The duration of the course is minimal — 2-3 sessions.
It is difficult to imagine a disease that can be eliminated in a few days at home, all the more, using an absolutely strange remedy for these purposes.

Treatment of vitiligo ointments.

4. Beans are used in this recipe. After boiling, they are mashed, a teaspoon of fresh honey and a similar amount of nourishing cream are added.

The product is considered ready after mixing. It is applied to the affected areas of the epidermis and covered with a napkin. The exposure time is 30 minutes. Sessions are held every day for two weeks.

Beans, peas, lentils and other legumes are an excellent solution for normalizing the body’s work, as they contain essential fiber. Their use can help in losing weight. It’s pointless to use cultures to get rid of vitiligo at home.

5. To prepare the folk ointment, take half a teaspoon of copper sulfate, a little sulfur and vinegar essence, half a tablespoon of melted beeswax, a couple of tablespoons of unrefined vegetable oil.

After mixing, the composition is ready to use. The ointment is applied to sore spots once a day for two months.


To correct the problem, the use of seeds is shown:

parsley — 10 grams of crushed seeds pour 100 ml of vodka, insist 2 weeks.
250 ml of lemon juice is added to the aged composition. Ready means daily treat the affected areas;

sesame seeds — 1 teaspoon of ground seeds is taken daily in the morning and in the evening. Just need to use 10 tbsp. spoons of sesame seeds. At the end of the course, yellow spots should appear in the spots of vitiligo. After a few months, subject to regular intake of the powder, there should not be a trace of the disease;

radish — 5 grams of seeds are ground, mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar and applied to bleached areas of the skin.

Treatment of vitiligo ointments.

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