Treatment Prostate adenoma.

Treatment Prostate adenoma.

Let’s talk about men’s diseases honest.

These diseases, unfortunately, suffer from a lot of men. Chronic prostatitis — up to 40% of men, prostate adenoma — 50% of men older than 60 years, if a man has developed a malignant tumor, the more likely this is to the prostate.

Treatment Prostate adenoma.

If an elderly person complains of pain in the abdomen, disorders of urination and sexual function, do not blame everything on the age and the natural signs of aging: most likely it is a problem with the prostate gland.

steadily increases with age, the number of patients with these diseases. Adenoma (benign) prostate at age 80 already affected 90% of men. Prostate cancer may be asymptomatic, but often found at autopsy men who died of other causes.

The symptoms of the three diseases are similar, but the reason they are different, different prognoses and treatment approaches. For example, prostate massage, which helps the prostate, may worsen the patient’s condition with BPH and become life-threatening prostate cancer sufferer. There are treatments for each disease, allowing to achieve success, it is important only in a timely and correct diagnosis and avoid self-medication.

Unfortunately, a large number of advertising media, «unfailingly cure any disease of the prostate» literally pushes men to self. Especially that preventive examinations urologist only come into practice in our country.

Routine inspection should be mandatory for all men over 40 years, even if he has no symptoms. This examination is carried out the interview, rectal digital examination, study of ultrasound and a blood test for PSA. This will require no more than 1 hour to complete.

In countries where routine inspections for a long time put into practice, from prostate disease mortality decreased significantly. You just have to consider a visit to the urologist not as unpleasant procedure, but as part of general culture. And would not go on about advertising, not to self-medicate.



Treatment Prostate adenoma.

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