Two colors of Coffee.

Types of coffee.

Two colors of Coffee.

Coffee is the name of the plant and, at the same time, the seeds of its fruits and the drink that is prepared from them. Two colors of Coffee. It is believed that the word «coffee» comes from the Arabic «kahf», which in translation means «exciting.» So in Arabic is called a coffee drink. Although it is possible that the name of coffee comes from the name of the southern province of Ethiopia Caffa, where the coffee tree is found in the wild.

This plant is a small evergreen tree or a large branchy bush of the family of larvae up to 5 m in height.
Coffee tree has dark green leathery leaves, in the axils of which there are pleasant flowers, reminiscent of jasmine flowers.
The branches of the tree are densely strewn with sitting bright red fruits the size of a cherry.
In each fruit there are 2 flat-convex seeds — coffee beans.
On average, one tree yields about 2.5 kg of berries per year, or 0.5 kg of green, or 0.4 kg of dried grains.

Do you know everything about caffeine?

The active principle of coffee beverage is alkaloid caffeine, which determines the therapeutic and preventive effect of coffee.
Under the influence of caffeine, reflex excitability increases, the activity of the heart and respiratory organs increases, blood pressure rises, the vessels of the brain, heart and kidneys expand, urination increases, and secretion of gastric juice increases.

Caffeine is absorbed fairly quickly: its effect begins to manifest itself after 15-20 minutes.
The duration of the action of caffeine depends on the ability of the body to remove this alkaloid and the products of its transformation from the body.
Caffeine does not have the ability to accumulate in the body, even with prolonged use.

Black or green?

Even in the good old England, it was the green (raw) grains of coffee that were consumed in the form of infusions with fever, headaches, whooping cough, catarrhal conditions, gout and arthritis.
Recently, due to the increased popularity of green tea, many have wondered — what is green coffee and can it be as useful as green tea?

Green coffee is very rich in various vitamins, acids. After roasting, many of its beneficial properties are lost.
Green coffee, as well as green tea, is a strong antioxidant and can be used for weight loss.

If you want to use green coffee beans to maintain harmony, then you need to remember that nutritive and other valuable green coffee substances are lost during long-term storage, as well as when exposed to light or heat.
And we do not take into account the fact that buying green coffee and frying it ourselves is more correct and more natural.
For example, Brazilians prefer to fry the coffee themselves and in the ready, factory, grain option is rarely bought, because the taste of coffee directly depends on the method and duration of roasting.


Coffee is contraindicated to easily excitable people suffering from insomnia and heart palpitations, patients with peptic ulcer and 12 duodenum.

Not only invigorates …

In Europe, the first guidance on the therapeutic use of coffee appeared in 1591. Of course, immediately more widely began to use decoctions or infusions of roasted coffee. A strong broth mixed with lemon juice was used for malaria.
Often, coffee was prescribed to improve digestion, with various poisonings, migraines and certain functional nerve disorders.
With these diseases, coffee is often used today. Particularly firmly established in the practice of the appointment of strong coffee as an excellent tonic for loss of strength and hypotension.
Under the influence of coffee, a feeling of cheerfulness appears, mental fatigue and drowsiness disappear, the thinking becomes easier and deeper, the memory and emotional perception of the environment are activated.

Contained in coffee tannins contribute to the cessation of diarrhea and improve digestion. In these cases, not only black coffee is consumed directly, but also jelly, mousse, and kissel prepared on it.

Wounds heals.

Sometimes it is possible to use coffee as an auxiliary wound-healing agent: it is necessary to rinse the abrasion or wound with a weak, slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate and sprinkle with finely ground roasted coffee, which contributes to the drying of the wound surface and faster healing.


Two colors of Coffee.

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