Ulcerative colitis treatment.

How I treated colitis.

Ulcerative colitis treatment.

Very good result I received, applying for chronic spastic colitis treatment of dried fruits. Ulcerative colitis treatment.

I took equal amounts of apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, cherry plums, prunes and pears. He poured the mixture with water. He brought it to a boil.

Brewed for 45 minutes on low heat. Then a thick part was separated from the broth and took from 500 g to 1 kg per day.

Doctors explained that entering the esophagus digested fiber of dried fruits is the causative agent of intestinal peristalsis and does not cause irritation of the mucosa.

Ulcerative colitis treatment.

Charge for the intestines.

Until recently, I suffered from problems associated with weak bowel work. But the last exacerbation made me literally close to myself. And I started with a massage, which I read about in the newspaper.

First, press, iron the abdomen around the navel in a circular motion clockwise.
I began to do it every day, sometimes several times.

This summer the weather was hot, bathing in the lake became familiar.
During the bath I performed in the water such a massage:

The fingers are intertwined, the palms are turned down, and the hands move down and up along the abdomen.

Ulcerative colitis treatment.

This exercise is done if you stepped into the water roughly by the shoulders. Thus, your massage is done using the wave that you create movement of hands.

And where the massage, there and charging. Slowly, I was drawn into this. After all, when we do exercise, the body produces endorphins, «hormones of happiness.»

They and the state of the nervous system are beneficial, and on the activity of the intestines.

I was convinced of this when I exercised for two weeks without missing a single day. Mood and health improved markedly. Became noticeably intensified and the work of the intestines.


Ulcerative colitis treatment.

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