Useful cleansing diet.

Useful cleansing diet.

To lose weight, we must first cleanse the body of toxins.

A cleansing diet is recommended in the following cases:

Obesity and overweight.
Weakened immune system.
Many diseases of internal organs (appointed by a doctor).
Slagging of the body, intoxication, poisoning.
Accommodation in gassy and ecologically polluted areas.
Work with harmful substances.

This is useful cleansing diet, which is not harmful to health. Useful cleansing diet.

Before breakfast: milk with turmeric. This drink accelerates the breakdown of fat and regulates hunger. Warm a cup of skim milk, add to it 0.5 hours. L. 1 turmeric and h. l. honey. Pour into a thermos and let infuse for 30 minutes. Drink half a glass in the morning, pre-Shake.

Tea or coffee without sugar; a slice of boiled beef or lean ham, yogurt (or a glass of low-fat yogurt) with 2 tbsp. l. oat bran. Oat bran speed up metabolism and eliminate toxins. Fresh vegetables to choose from: cucumber, tomato, radish, celery, chicory leaves.

Green salad (of any kind) with tomato and wheat sprouts (just 200 g) + teaspoon of olive (or linseed or sesame) oil with a drop of vinegar, steamed fish (100g) slimonom + zucchini (100 g}, roasted 1 h. l. vegetable oil with a pinch ground coriander, low-fat cottage cheese (50 g) with a drop of honey.

Salad with raw beets and eggs, unsweetened yogurt with 0.5 hours. L. cinnamon tea with cloves, Dittany and lemon juice.

Snack during the day.
Ginger tea with honey and 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.

It is also possible to arrange fasting days.


Useful cleansing diet.


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