Vegetable salad for slimming.

Vegetable salad for slimming. You can eat even at night.

Thanks to low-calorie ingredients and a unique dressing, vegetable salad for slimming can be eaten even at night. No harm. One benefit. It is prepared very simply. From the simplest set of products. The whole piece of salad, in his dressing.

It is so gorgeous that it perfectly matches with any vegetables. You can cook any other salad. Include fantasy and focus on your taste. Use this fragrant sauce. Believe me, the result will amaze you !!!

Necessary ingredients.

• 250 grams of white cabbage or Peking cabbage;
• one large juicy carrot;
• one head of red onion;
• large bunch of green dill;
• Mustard in the beans — three teaspoons;
• half a lemon;
• thick skimmed yogurt or yogurt — for refueling.

Vegetable salad for slimming. Step by step cooking process.

1. Start cooking with filling. In a deep bowl (in which we will collect salad) we spread three teaspoons of mustard in the grains (or to taste).

2. Add to the mustard juice from half a small lemon. We mix everything well. Gradually adding kefir. In principle, two tablespoons of kefir will be enough. The sauce should not be very thick.

3. The Council. Instead of yogurt, you can use natural thick yogurt. How to do it for 12 hours at home, see the link.

4. We wash the cabbage. Cut out the thick parts. Cut into small pieces. Immediately send it to a salad bowl.

5. Carrots are washed. Clear. We rub on a large grater or on a grater for Korean vegetables immediately in a bowl with cabbage.

6. Rinsed and dried greens of fresh dill finely chopped with a knife. We send to the other ingredients. Instead of dill, you can use any other greens, to your taste. Excellent helps in the fight against obesity parsley.

7. One head of red onion, medium size, cleaned from the husks. Cut into small cubes. We put it into a salad bowl.

8. All we have to do is carefully mix the ingredients of the salad. Put it on the table.

Vegetable salad for slimming, cooked for such a simple recipe, contains about 5 grams of fat and 20 grams of carbohydrates. Total calorie content of the whole salad: 125 kcal.


Vegetable salad for slimming.

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