Viral gastroenteritis treatment.

Intestinal juice will help.

Viral gastroenteritis treatment.

As I passed the fifth decade, the body does raskapriznichalsya — gut pain, persistent indigestion, a lot of gas, and diarrhea. Viral gastroenteritis treatment.
At first I thought poison for some, but the disease was delayed, then fading, then with renewed vigor torturing me. I went to the doctor.

After a long examination was diagnosed — chronic enteritis — sore of the small intestine. I’ve got one friend’s grandmother, lives in the village. Wise she knows all the grass from the disease so many treats. About their sores, I told her, I ask the board. We talked with her for a long time, a whole bunch of different recipes she nasovetovala me, but they are mainly grass and herbal teas.

I’m a city-dweller, had to choose a recipe easier, but I do not regret. It should be 2 times daily, morning and evening to drink a glass of juice of fresh green pepper. That’s the whole secret. Pains subside almost immediately, and after long use (I — 3 months) all the symptoms of the disease disappear.

IF pouted BELLY.

My recipe is, of course, not from a serious illness, but still come in handy and help a lot. I adolescence suffered from bloating. It would seem a trifle, and how much is because of this problem and inconvenience! At times it seemed as if the abdominal balloons burst, and hurt, it is!

So, I totally could not eat fresh cabbage, carrots, grapes. And sodas altogether banned.
One time I even thought it was such a feature of my body and fight useless. But then I learned that it is possible and even necessary to combat this phenomenon.

I advised another great recipe: Mix 2 tablespoons cumin seeds, fennel seeds 1 spoon, 2 tablespoons yarrow leaves, chopped 3 tablespoons of oat straw, 1 spoonful of sweet flag root and half tablespoons coarsely
grated valerian root. Pour 3 tbsp. with the top of the spoon of this mixture 3 cups of raw water, boil for 15 minutes and strain. Drink 3 cups a day.

I drank this infusion every day for a month, and already it was enough for me to feel that herbs help. Blisters have almost ceased to bother me, but I still keep on hand ready to collect.

It turned out that this tool helps when help is needed fast. For example, often during holiday feasts in our stomach mixed completely incompatible products, and the «revolution» in the stomach can not be avoided. In this case, I brew myself herbs and drink a cup of broth. This is usually enough, but to consolidate the results, you can drink a couple of glasses. I hope that my prescription is useful to someone from the readers.


Viral gastroenteritis treatment.

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