Vitamin A for the face — masks

Vitamin A for the face — masks

It is difficult to exaggerate the value of vitamin A for facial skin. Its lack is immediately reflected in appearance — rashes, wrinkles appear, curls begin to fall out and fade. Due to the special structure of the molecules (it easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis), Vitamin A steel is used in shampoos, balms, creams, and serums.

Best Homemade Facial Vitamin A Recipes

Wrinkle Mask

Result: Facial vitamins in ampoules fill the gaps of collagen and elastin, returning the radiance and beauty of youth to the face.
vitamin A ampoule;
15 gr cottage cheese;
7 ml cream (from 20%).
Preparation and method of application: wipe the sour milk cheese through a sieve or cheesecloth to introduce the cream and contents of the ampoule. Steam the surface of the dermis with a sage compress, distribute the composition, pressing it to the skin. Leave anti-aging mass for half an hour, remove with napkins.

Acne Mask Vitamin A

Result: Vitamin A recipes are effective against comedones and blackheads. For prevention, perform manipulations 2 times a month.
2 capsules of vitamin A;
14 g lentil flour;
3 gr. zinc ointment.
Preparation and method of application: puncture the capsules, extract the solution, grind the lentils on a coffee grinder, combine all the components. Apply a thin layer to problem areas, leave to dry.

Mask with vitamins A and E

Result: to correct the oval, enhance the resistance properties of epidermal cells to adverse factors, vitamin A in oil must be combined with vitamin E. Such a combination will allow for many years to maintain youthfulness and beauty of the face.
2 drops of vitamin A;
2 drops of vitamin E;
Preparation and method of application: peel the sweet fruit from the peel and seeds, mash in the combine, introduce vitamins. Sponge on the neck and face in the direction of the lymph nodes. After half an hour, rinse with a rosehip broth.

Mask with Vitamin A and Glycerin

Result: it helps to get rid of peeling, makes the dermis soft and velvety vitamin A in face capsules.
3 capsules of vitamin A;
12 ml of glycerin;
23 gr starch.
Preparation and method of application: combine the components (pierce the capsule shell with a needle), spread with a brush over the surface. For a tangible lifting effect, rinse the composition 40 minutes after application.

Vitamin A Recipe for Dry Skin

Result: cosmetologists have long been using the healing effects of vitamin A on the skin. A dehydrated derma prone to dryness especially needs life-giving molecules to prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles.
vitamin A ampoule;
7 ml of carrot juice;
Preparation and method of application: peel the vegetable from the skin, turn into a homogeneous mass on the combine, add juice and contents of the ampoule. Rub into the face (pre-steam) in a circular motion for several minutes. Complete the caring manipulation in 20 minutes.

Vitamin A Recipe for Oily Skin

Result: The treatment for oily type dermis should include various face masks. You can independently prepare a natural remedy that normalizes the work of exocrine facial glands at home.
vitamin A (ampoule);
14 g yellow clay;
2-3 drops of mandarin essential oil;
12 gr. oat bran.
Preparation and method of application: dilute clay and bran with warm green tea, add vitamin and aromatic oil to the cooled mass. Steam the surface of the dermis over a hot broth, apply the composition for 15 minutes. Soften the hardened composition and carefully remove with a sponge, treat with a moisturizing emulsion. Repeat the procedure with a frequency of 2-3 times a month.

Prescription Vitamin A for Combination Skin

Result: using folk recipes for facial skin, you can significantly narrow pores, eliminate comedones, and improve complexion.
1 ampoule of vitamin A;
3 ml sesame oil;
14 g brewer’s yeast.
Preparation and method of application: crush yeast into powder, pour warm calendula broth, introduce cosmetic oil and vitamin. Clean the T-zone with micellar water, distribute the composition for 12 minutes. After the procedure, treat with citrus water.

Vitamin A Prescription for Problem Skin

Result: disturbances in the functioning of the endocrine glands lead to the appearance of acne, pustules. Saturating the cells with vitamins and minerals, the imbalance is filled, the structure of the dermis becomes homogeneous without inflammation. The frequency of procedures depends on the condition of the skin, it is recommended first to conduct a treatment course in 7 sessions, and then for prevention 2 times a month. You can apply vitamin A pointwise on acne, pustules, or combine with zinc ointment, with a cotton swab to treat the inflamed area.
2 ml of vitamin A;
4 gr. dried chamomile flowers;
13 gr pea flour.

Preparation and method of application: prepare a powder of flowers and peas on a coffee grinder, add vitamin, dilute the consistency with distilled water. Remove makeup with thermal fluid, distribute the composition for 15 minutes rubbing into the skin. Finish the treatment by contrasting washing and applying an antiseptic gel.

Vitamin A for the face - masks

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