Vitiligo treatment with oils.

Vitiligo treatment with oils.

The most effective are home-made recipes based on anise, black cumin and St. John’s wort, which are supposedly able to make cells produce melanin responsible for pigmentation, thereby eliminating the foci of the disease.


For preparation, 100 grams of anise fruits, previously ground to a powder state and 500 ml of olive oil, are required. The connected components must be in a dark place for a month.

After the resulting mixture should be heated to bubble formation and filtered. The finished oil is daily treated with affected areas of the skin, achieving their gradual darkening.

Rosehip oil, prepared in a similar way, also worked well in the treatment of vitiligo.

The treatment of the disease with home oils is long, and the result remains transparent.


As a folk remedy, it is recommended to use only a concentrated composition, for the preparation of which hypericum flowers are necessary at home. They need to fill a small glass container. Up to the neck should be no more than 5 cm of empty space.

After the flowers are poured with refined (!) Sunflower oil to the very top. To directly create a therapeutic suspension, the container must be placed in the sun, where it will spend 14 days, periodically shaking.

After a few weeks, the oil is squeezed out and a new portion of flowers is poured with it. The exposure time is 2 weeks. In total, you need to do at least 5 circles, after which a truly concentrated red-brown hypericum oil will be ready.

The long time it takes to prepare homemade ingredients delay the start of therapy. It is wiser to devote the lost time to more effective actions.

To use the finished composition at home, you need to do this: apply gauze napkins moistened with it twice a day to the affected areas for half an hour. After the exit to the sun is shown (for 2-3 minutes with a gradual increase). The course of treatment is a month, followed by a three-week break and a new course.

Vitiligo treatment with oils.

Black cumin

For over 3,000 years, black cumin has been cultivated in eastern countries. The unique medicinal properties of the plant were mentioned by the famous healers Dioscorides and Hippocrates, and Avicenna claimed that black cumin oil increases vital energy and relieves fatigue.

Modern research continues to develop the topic of the amazing properties of the plant, highlighting it among other representatives of the «green pharmacy».

Black cumin oil for home treatment of vitiligo is used both internally and externally. In the first case, it is recommended to use it twice a day for a teaspoon, diluting in half a glass of clean water.

External use is applied to depigmented areas of the skin after pre-wetting them with vinegar. Immediately after the manipulation, it is important to arrange a half-hour direct contact with the sun’s rays.

Ready-made oil can be purchased at the pharmacy or in online stores.

With the thoughtless use of pure vinegar at home, it is possible to develop an allergic reaction and a burn of the skin, especially with further exposure to aggressive ultraviolet radiation.

Vitiligo treatment with oils.

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