Watermelon diet.

Watermelon diet.

Can I eat  watermelon in the evening. Slimming — watermelon.

Watermelon diet. The popularity of the diet based on the use of watermelon is large enough. Indeed, due to its very modest caloric content of this berry is not able to damage the figure, but for some time satisfies hunger. It only remains to find out whether you can have watermelon for weight loss in the evening.

So the question is raised by many, because it’s not as easy as it first seems. If there is too much watermelon at night may not be able to reach the desired weight loss.

Watermelon diet.

The benefit of eating watermelon, including the evening, says a lot faktov.Naibolee can be called serious ones such.

1. Watermelon is very low calorie. Even eating a few kilograms of watermelon, seriously damage the figure will not be possible.

Although the night that amount is still better not to eat, because then sleep is unlikely to succeed. But nutritionists say that there is nothing wrong with such a dinner there.

2. watermelon, eaten in the evening, allowing much better to clean the intestines.

Experts say that it takes place at night the elimination of toxins, and this is impossible without a sufficient amount of liquid. That is, the benefits will be not only for weight loss, but also for health.

And yet, what calorie watermelon for weight loss shows? Knowing her, it will be able to make correct diet.

Watermelon: calorie and other important features for weight loss.

On average, this interesting «fruit-berry» calorie is no more than 30 calories per 100 grams. However, it is not only the effect on the number of weight loss. Be aware of what the constituent elements formed an indicator. Over 90% of the volume of watermelon is water, which is a plus for weight loss. About 8% of the composition watermelon — is fructose. Natural sugar, fructose, which is not as harmful to the figures as sucrose.

Even in watermelon contains about 0.5% of dietary fiber, can accelerate the transport of the products digested by the digestive tract. It turns out that watermelon at night to lose weight is not only not harmful, but in many ways polezen.Ostavshiysya volume accounted for vitamins, minerals and other elements that are important for the body. For example, watermelon even found a small amount of antioxidants.

It turns out that you can eat watermelon in the evening and even for weight loss? Yes, you can. But I have to say about some of the potential problems, without which not to avoid negative consequences. If there is a watermelon, without taking them into account, the results of weight loss may not be the best.


You can call a lot of problems that are discovered upon closer examination of watermelon effect on the organism. When losing weight eating watermelon in the evening is not as useful as first seems, for the following reasons.

1. Watermelon prevents assimilated to other products. Therefore, eating watermelon at night together with other foods can not.

2. monodiet on watermelon dilutes nutrients from the body. As a result, you can amass noticeable health problems if you follow it.

3. In the evening and at night is not recommended to eat watermelon to those who discovered diabetes or at least suspected it, even at a low calorie content.

4. If there is a tendency to the appearance of edema, on the evening to eat watermelon, should be abandoned. Otherwise there is a risk of stagnation of fluids in the body, which negates all the visible changes for weight loss. While this does not mean that the weight will increase.

It turns out that watermelon can be there for the night. Moreover, it can exert positive effects on weight loss. But it should be taken into account the dangers that are listed above. Then use the berries in the evening will be the most enjoyable and rewarding.


Watermelon diet.

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