Ways to lose weight.

Green diet.

Ways to lose weight.

Among a variety of various diets for the summer is the best fit for a green diet. Ways to lose weight. This diet was developed by American nutritionists.

Received its name due to the original diet. It consists of vegetables and fruits of green color.

Such a diet has a positive effect on metabolism. Stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood. This is due to the low glycemic index of green vegetables and fruits, which form the basis of the diet.

And the negative calorie content of the products of the green diet forces the body to expend the available fat reserves for obtaining energy.

At the same time, the diet of a green diet provides the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals. This has a positive effect on appearance and well-being.

The basis of the green diet is the assumption that the green color due to improved digestion contributes to weight loss.

Moreover, nutritionists recommend slimming people to use food to use plates of exceptionally green color. In finishing the kitchen, use this color.

People in this situation eat less and at the same time are more satisfied.

Our animal nature instinctively reacts to large masses of greenery as a place where food abounds. So in this place there is no need to eat enough for future use.

This is one of the goals for losing weight — a natural decrease in appetite.

And more: wishing to lose weight, we must remember that yellow, orange and red shades in the interior of the kitchen increase appetite.

 Rules of the diet.

During a green diet, meals are distributed every one and a half to two hours. Fractional food allows you to avoid attacks of uncontrolled hunger. Provides a reduction in serving volumes.

As snacks, you can use green apples, kiwi or zewhite grapes. It is also necessary to observe the correct drinking regime. Drink a day at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid.

The amount of salt during a diet should be strictly limited. For Salad dressing is allowed to use the minimum amount of olive oil. To make up for the missing nutrients, it is recommended to take a multivitamin.

If earlier your usual diet consisted of a large amount of carbohydrates, then entry into a green diet should be gradual. In this case, the amount of carbohydrates begins to be reduced 2-3 days before the start of the diet.

Duration of the diet is 10 days, it can be repeated once a month. Outside the diet, it is recommended to include the maximum amount of green vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Menu of the green diet.

Breakfast to choose from:

• Oat or buckwheat porridge boiled on the water. In the porridge you can add a grated green apple and a little honey.

• Yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese, egg, apple or kiwi.


Salad of green vegetables with olive oil, preferably without salt.

Lunch to choose from:

• Boiled fish or chicken breast, vegetable or fruit salad.
• On the 1st, 4th, 7th and 9th day, fish and chicken are replaced with vegetables, for example stewed zucchini with herbs.

Afternoon snack

Fruit with the addition of low-fat yogurt or vegetable salad.

Dinner to choose from:

Stew of stewed vegetables.
• On the 1st, 4th, 7th and 9th day of the diet, you can eat chicken breast or boiled fish with vegetable salad.


• The basis of the diet of a green diet is green fruits and vegetables, herbs, green tea. Meals should be varied.

• Cucumbers, green bell peppers, all kinds of cabbage, young zucchini, lettuce and cabbage lettuce, dill, celery, parsley and green onions, asparagus, coriander, sorrel, spinach, green string beans, green peas are allowed from vegetables.

• From fruits are recommended: green apples, kiwi, green grapes, gooseberries, pears.

• It is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid during the day: green tea, herbal tea from chamomile, mint, St. John’s wort, lemon balm.

• You can eat a small piece of low-fat chicken, fish or 1-2 eggs every two days to replenish the required amount of protein.

• Green fruits and vegetables are best used during a diet in raw form. If subjected to cooking, it is preferable to cook, stew or cook for a couple.


Ways to lose weight.

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