Ways to remove stretch marks on the body.

Ways to remove stretch marks on the body.


Most people have stretch marks (striae), regardless of gender, although the beauty industry is trying to present them as an exclusively «female» problem. In the cosmetology market, there are hundreds of creams and dozens of procedures designed to deal with this skin defect. We will talk about the most effective ways to remove stretch marks in today’s article.

How to deal with striae on your own?

Internet portals are full of tips on how to get rid of stretch marks on your own. A major role in this difficult matter is played by preventive measures. Proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits, weight control minimize the likelihood of a defect. If flaws still appear on the body, you can try therapy with home remedies.

Folk drugs.

Cosmetic formulations that are easy to create from the means at hand, sometimes truly work wonders.

Sugar scrub.

For its preparation you will need: honey -5 tbsp. l .; coffee grounds — 2 tbsp. l .; lemongrass essential oil — 2 drops.

Honey is better to take candied, not liquid. All components should be thoroughly mixed, applied to the skin of the abdomen or thighs, massage in a circular motion. Rinse off under a hot shower. Complete the procedure with a moisturizer. Apply 2 times a week.

Chocolate wrap.

Prepare a potion of: cocoa — 15 tbsp. l .; goat milk; cinnamon — 5 gr.; almond oil — 2 tsp.

Combine butter, cinnamon and cocoa. Add such an amount of milk so that the composition acquires the consistency of sour cream. The drug is distributed over problem areas, wrapped in cellophane film. After an hour, take a warm shower. The components improve blood flow in the skin and stimulate epidermal cells to actively divide. Perform the procedure 2-3 times a week.

Homemade cream.

You will need: mummy — 1 gr.; boiled water — 1 tsp; any moisturizer — 50 gr.

Mumiye has a high leveling skin properties. Squeeze a moisturizer into a sterile container, add the mummy diluted in water. Mix thoroughly. Apply the composition to problem areas once a day, actively rubbing it into the dermis. Keep the container in the refrigerator.


Ways to remove stretch marks on the body.

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