We keep youth.

We keep youth.

We keep youth. Moisturizing facial skin with folk remedies.

A problem that often arises even in women who carefully care for their appearance is dry skin of the face. If you do not get rid of the defect in a timely manner, it is able to provoke peeling, sagging, the appearance of the first wrinkles. It is not necessary to rush to the cosmetologist immediately — masks that moisturize and nourish, can be prepared at home, you will need simple components for this, which will certainly be found in the kitchen.

How to moisturize your skin

The easiest and most effective way to moisturize a face that was used against dryness and peeling of a woman decades ago is to use herbal remedies for this purpose. Many herbs have remarkable qualities and can easily cope with dryness and peeling. Based on them, it is recommended to prepare decoctions that are used as lotions or compresses. If possible, you can prepare ice cubes that will perfectly cope with the defect, improve the shade of the dermis, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. To do this, pour the cooled broth into ice molds and send it to the freezer. Use once or twice a day.

As components for the preparation of decoctions, it is recommended to use such plant materials:

aloe (leaves);
rosemary (leaves, flowers);
linden (flowers);
parsley (roots, greens);
chamomile (inflorescences, young stems)
birch (buds, young leaves).

You can use one type of plant, but a combination of several herbs will cope more effectively with the problem. A tool that will hold deep hydration is easy to prepare:

1. Grind vegetable raw materials (100 gr.).
2. Bring water (300 ml) to a boil, brew the pulp from the plants.
3. Cover the container, wrap with a towel.
4. After half an hour, filter.

Using the prepared product, wipe the skin of the face daily. Before moisturizing around the eyes, where the most sensitive areas are located, it is recommended to make sure that the composition does not cause a negative reaction of the dermis. To do this, rub a few drops of liquid into the delicate areas of the skin (wrist, elbow) and wait at least an hour. If itching or irritation does not bother, proceed with manipulation.

Moisturizing mask for oily skin

The question that often worries women suffering from problematic dermis is whether to moisturize oily skin? Many ladies make a considerable mistake, believing that this is unnecessary. Improper care, which does not include the use of moisturizing procedures, can result in premature aging, uneven shade, ugly friability.

To moisturize the oily dermis, it is recommended to use masks that reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands. Simultaneously with the enrichment of the epidermis with moisturizing components, it will be possible to cope with an untidy greasy shine.

Cucumber, oatmeal

The tool is recommended for problem skin, abundant in oily areas. The mask can be used twice a week.

1. Using a blender, grind 45 gr. oatmeal.
2. Turn into a slurry cucumber (50 gr.), Using a blender or a sharp knife.
3. Mix the cucumber mass, cereal powder, pour the mixture 30 g. sour cream (use a dairy product with a low fat content).
4. Leave for half an hour, during which time the oat powder should swell.
Apply the mixture to the dermis with an even thick layer. Leave for half an hour. Use cool water to rinse.

Raspberries, cream

A raspberry-based mask is suitable even for owners of a dermis that is sensitive and prone to irritation. The mixture provides strong hydration, improves shade, eliminates greasy, unpleasant shine.

1. Grind into the pulp 30 gr. raspberries, seeds do not need to be removed.
2. Add cream (15 ml) to the berry puree.
3. Do not insist, use immediately after preparation.

Apply the composition to the skin of the face for a quarter of an hour. Rinse with water, if possible, use a herbal decoction (brew 200 ml of boiling water 30 g. Chamomile or calendula). The procedure can be repeated twice a week.

Moisturizing mask for dry skin

For dry skin, formulations are usually used that can not only moisturize, but also prevent peeling, which often occurs in problem areas. Procedures should be carried out at least three times a week — only this ensures that it will be possible to achieve positive results and to cope with the problem.

Cottage cheese, carrots, milk

Low-fat cottage cheese and milk is better not to use — products with a high percentage of fat content will bring greater effect.

1. Knead cottage cheese (60 g.), Pour warmed milk (30 ml) into the mass.
2. Rub carrots (80 gr.) Onto a fine grater.
3. Mix carrot puree with curd mass.

Distribute the prepared product with an even layer over the problem areas of the face, leave for half an hour. Rinse, after removing excess moisture, you can wipe your face with ice cubes on a plant basis.

Propolis, Cucumbers, Cream

The mask is recommended for owners of dry dermis, prone to peeling. Cream is better to take fatty!

1. Cream (30 ml), grind with a fork in a lush foam with propolis infusion (8 drops).
2. Add to the mass a cucumber (40 gr.) Converted with a blender into a homogeneous gruel.
3. Stir, do not need to insist.

The effect of the mask will take about a quarter of an hour. Remove, get wet the remaining moisture. If the skin is too dry, you can complete the manipulation of applying a moisturizer on a natural basis.

How to moisturize the skin at home

To get rid of dryness and flaky areas, you can use different compositions, combine, combine self-prepared products with professional preparations in care. Before moisturizing the dermis, it is recommended to carry out a simple preparation, which will allow the nutrient components to penetrate deep into the epidermis. There are no special difficulties in manipulations — wash with cool water and steam out the skin. For steaming, use compresses from herbal decoctions (chamomile, string, calendula).

Peppermint mask

Peppermint mass, which moisturizes the dermis, copes with rashes, gives a healthy shade, is an excellent effect. This mixture is the best mask considered universal and suitable for all types of skin.

1. Chop with a sharp knife into a homogeneous slurry 100 gr. mint leaves.
2. Pour the prepared vegetable gruel with boiling water (40 ml), leave for a quarter of an hour.
3. Drain the liquid, it will no longer be needed.

Place the remaining slurry in an even layer on problem areas, leave for half an hour. Remove the disk with cotton wool, wash with cool water. Perform manipulations three times a week.

Yolk, grape seed oil

Super moisturizing mask will cope with dryness in just a few applications. You can use it for prevention once a week — this will prevent peeling.

1. Rub the yolk into a dense foam.
2. Add 3-5 drops of grape seed oil to the yolk mass.
3. Grind oatmeal (25 gr.), Add to the composition.
4. Use after insisting, a quarter of an hour is enough.

Distribute on the dermis, leave for half an hour. Remove with a soft cloth, wash, dab any remaining moisture.
Moisturizing procedures — a necessary step in skin care, regardless of problems or type of dermis.

Home remedies are a great alternative to purchased expensive drugs. You should not refuse the help of vegetables and fruits, which, at the same time as getting rid of dryness, can saturate the skin tissue with useful substances. The effects of home formulations can be seen after the first procedures — dryness disappears along with the first signs of old age, complexion improves.

We keep youth.

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